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Which software model is used for a school management system?

There are various software models that can be used for a school management software system, depending on the specific requirements and objectives of the system. Some of the commonly used software models for a school management system include:

Waterfall model: This is a sequential model in which the development process progresses through a series of clearly defined phases, such as requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.

Agile model: This is an iterative and incremental model in which the development process is broken down into short cycles called sprints. The system is built incrementally and tested frequently to ensure that it meets the changing needs of the users.

Prototype model: This model involves building a basic prototype of the system and refining it based on user feedback and testing. It is useful for quickly developing and testing ideas for a school management system.

Spiral model: This model combines elements of the waterfall and prototype models. It involves multiple cycles of development, each of which includes planning, risk assessment, development, and evaluation.

Ultimately, the choice of software model will depend on the specific needs and objectives of the school management system, as well as the development team's experience and preferences.

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