If you want to get a large amount of magic mushrooms in a short time with relatively little effort, this method is amazing. For the price, the returns can be buy lsd canada significant and will provide you with enough to experience great trips.

There really aren't any downsides to this method. The only reason to opt for something else would be the desire to complete the entire process from inoculation to harvest. If you manage to master this complex method, you can stock up on magic mushrooms forever. But for many, a grow kit is a perfectly sufficient option.


PF tek is perhaps the simplest form of true mushroom cultivation. Not requiring anything particularly technical, it can nevertheless allow you to obtain large yields at home while maintaining a great personal involvement in the process.

The PF tek requires a certain amount of equipment. However, all of this material is available from non-specialist sources (with the exception of mushroom spores) and shouldn't cost too much. For a full list of materials, check out our in-depth guide to preparing a PF tek . Otherwise, here are some of the essentials:

Mushroom Spores: You can buy a spore syringe or get your own.
Pressure cooker: not essential, but considerably reduces the risk of contamination.

Jars: this is where you will put your substrate and where the mycelium will colonize.

Brown rice flour: this is the substrate on which the mycelium will grow.

Vermiculite: This buy lsd canada organic substance maintains proper humidity and aeration in your brown rice flour substrate.

A large plastic box with lid: this will become a fruiting chamber for the final stages.

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