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Bright, white and clean teeth are a need for everyone, not only to give people a good impression, but also to improve their looks. The dental situation can be very annoying for the physical and mental health, especially for those who have yellow teeth.

What causes yellowing of teeth?

1, drink too much black tea or green tea

In the tea contains a large number of polyphenols, which are oxides, will bring oxidation to the surface of the teeth, thus appearing yellow teeth. The group that likes to drink tea can boil the tea for a longer time, which can reduce the chemical effect. Also in the pure water 美白牙齒方法 of fluoride, fluoride will enhance the tooth enamel, making it stronger, and at the same time will make the teeth become more and more yellow. The main component of Coke is carbon dioxide gas and sugar paddle, if you drink too much at once, it will make the sugar in the tooth surface sedimentation, so that the shade is black, but also on the surface of the teeth enamel brought leaching.

2, body lack of calcium or toothbrush is too hard

Teeth are part of the bones, when the body is lack of calcium will reduce the toughness of the teeth, so that the kinetic energy to absorb ingredients to enhance, easy to occur in the tooth surface pigmentation. Usually you can eat more calcium-rich foods, such as shrimp or green leafy vegetables. In addition, the bristles of the toothbrush will damage the teeth, and the long application will damage the tooth enamel and make the pigmentation.

What should I do if my teeth are yellow?

1, reasonable application of baking soda

When you brush your teeth, you can put in the right amount of baking soda on the toothpaste, not touching the water, and gently brush on the surface of your teeth, so that you can remove the shades on the surface of your teeth and make them brighter and whiter. When you brush your teeth, you should not use too much force, otherwise it will bring damage to the oral muscles. In addition you can also drink more green tea, green tea contains tannic acid, can inhibit the growth of germs to avoid tooth staining, while preventing bad breath. The polyphenols contained can change the pH inside the mouth, while enhancing the level of oral chlorides, reducing the growth of germs and damage to tooth enamel.

2, eat more green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables can usually eat more, green leafy vegetables contain a large 殺菌消毒, can produce a protective film on the surface of the teeth, to avoid yellowing teeth. Carrot mushroom celery is also a good choice, according to chewing can promote saliva secretion, reduce the oral bacteria breeding, so that the teeth become more and more white.

Warm reminder

Usually you can eat more dark chocolate, which contains theobromine, which can make tooth enamel become stronger and avoid tooth discoloration and tooth stains. Cultivate the good habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening, and insist on using dental floss.

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