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Journalism has reached a point where media organizations have become more likely to invest in the online news industry over the last 10 years. But, Nguyen's study begins with the assumption that they don't do this out of a desire to innovate or fully exploit the potential of online news. Instead, it's because they are concerned that the internet may take over traditional media in the news business.

They've never tried to grasp the requirements of people who use berita terbaru indonesia and how their behaviour when they receive it. It's surprising that the research conducted by Nguyen shows that traditional media have an opportunity to prevail as long as they know why people are turning to online news and provide something similar.

However, although these studies have been successful in examining the link between the attributes of online news and the internet users' decision to embrace them, they failed to examine the real-world implications of this decision. This is vital for the future of online news.

The two major questions that remain unanswered in previous research and to which An Nguyen's study seeks to answer are:

1. In what way are the socio-technical advantages of online news are linked to the manner internet users use, adopt and evaluate, as well as connect themselves to news sites?

What comes directly from this question is the question of whether or not online news will slowly replace traditional media or if all berita terbaru indonesia media sources can complement each other.

2. If there's a decrease in the amount of time spent by traditional news media since the adoption of online news is this related to the socio-technical advantages online news?


The article draws on data from a national survey of Australian news users conducted in 2004. The survey included internet users who were not users, internet users who did not use news sites, as well as online news readers.


News readers were the most likely to adopt the internet because of its instant availability. 70% of news users had visited berita terbaru indonesia websites at least a couple of times a day, while 47% of them would go to the internet first when they learned some interesting news.

The most important aspect that professionals working in the field of online news must concentrate on is providing continuous, 24 hour news services. It seems that people expect quality content along with constant information. In reality 90% of online news readers clicked on the links for more in-depth details.

Concluding notes: some questions for journalism scholars

This study revealed that consumers want comprehensive news and permanent updates. It's a costly combination considering most people do not want to pay for online content. Thus, any investment successfully combining both must be made at the publisher's expense.

The solution to this problem might lie in the field of advertising. But, the study finishes with the following questions: What happens do you do if the online advertising system doesn't perform effectively enough to help news sites on the internet? If it does not, where will the resources necessary for further investments in online news come from?

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