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Posted by Stanton Brooke on December 5, 2021 at 7:40pm 0 Comments

The New York City Board of Health declared racism a public health crisis on Monday, passing a resolution that directed the Health Department to take steps to ensure a “racially just recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic.

The resolution called on the department to work with other agencies to root out systemic racism within policies, plans and budgets on a wide range of matters that affect health, including land use, transportation and education. It also directed the department to…


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Almost every parent tries to find a tutor who can help to enhance their child's knowledge. Many parents are unable to give time for their children's schoolwork for several reasons. Tutoring can help boost up confidence and help to build important learning skills.

Children learn more from a tutor as they get the personal attention that they are unable to get in schools. If you find a tutor who is experienced then he will keep children on track if they take breaks from school.

Benefits of tutoring 

Tutors help to develop learning skills in your child that will help your child for future success. Few benefits of taking tutoring services:


1. Children get a unique learning experience

The tutor gives your child an individualized learning experience that they will never get in the classroom. Tutors can bring some innovations to make the lessons and activities easy just for your child.

2. Your child will get one-on-one attention

If you are hiring a tutor for your children, they will get to know your child’s learning style, and they can adapt teaching methods accordingly. They are just like your child’s private teacher.

3. Tutor enhances academic performance

An experienced tutor will prepare your child for competitive tests and exams while working with your child on specific problem areas. It will improve your child’s grades and understanding of the subject.

4. Improves attitude towards learning and school

Learning will become easy and fun for children with a perfect tutor. When a child gets regular encouragement and praise, he or she will stop feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with school.

5. Online learning encourages self-paced and self-directed learning

With online live tutoring, your child will be able to take the initiative in school work. Your child will be able to learn how to control the learning pace.

6. Enhances confidence

Group Forums help to increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence, by giving them the resources and skills they need to excel in school.

7. Develops work and study habits
With the help of tutoring children will learn working and study habits that will help them in the future. These skills will help your child a lot in achieving his or her goals.

8. Children get a positive workspace

Tutoring provides your child a distractions free environment, with no students around and your child can focus more on studies.

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