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Why does the heart valve need to be replaced on time?

Humans have four-chambered hearts. In these pumping chambers, the blood flow is maintained in the forward direction with the help of valves. There are four types of valves based on their location in the heart: Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral, and Aortic.

If any of these gateways of blood passages get damaged or diseased, they should be replaced or repaired by surgery. A valve replacement surgery or Heart Valve Surgery in Delhi is a procedure specifically designed to surgically correct valve defects and restore normal valve functioning. It is important to perform valve replacement by an experienced cardiac surgeon like Dr. Sujay Shad, well on time or else the patient having valve issues can suffer from serious or life-threatening cardiac problems.

What impacts does a diseased or damaged heart valve have on the body?

A damaged or diseased valve means malfunctioning or dysfunctioning of the heart valve. This in turn disrupts the normal blood circulation in the body and eventually results in heart failure.

A defect in the tricuspid valve leads to poor circulation in the right side of the heart. If this valve is not replaced for long, the heart may expand because of continuous hard pumping and function poorly and eventually causing right-sided heart failure.

Damage to the pulmonary valve means not efficient blood flow to the lungs to get sufficient oxygen. It leads to harder pumping of the right ventricle and often the blood leaks in the backward direction. If not replaced on time, it can eventually cause the pulmonary arteries to dilate.

A diseased or damaged mitral valve would cause improper blood circulation in the left side of the heart between the two left chambers. If not repaired or replaced, it can lead to atrial fibrillation (a fast, irregular heartbeat), pulmonary hypertension, and ultimately left-sided heart failure.

When an aortic valve gets damaged, there is not enough blood circulation happening in the rest of the heart and body. If it is left untreated, it can cause the heart to pump harder than normal and result in an irregular heartbeat, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure. One can know more on this Aortic Surgery in Delhi, with Dr. Sujay Shad a famous cardiac surgeon practising at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Why is heart valve replacement important to be done on time?

A heart valve replacement or repair surgery is required by heart patients to correct their valve defects, diseases, or damages. If the patients diagnosed with dysfunctioning of their heart valves are not treated on time, they could suffer from valve-related heart diseases and consequently heart failure. As cardiovascular diseases have accounted to be one of the world’s leading causes of death, it’s really important to get the valve problem corrected before it’s too late. A heart valve replacement surgery is for the betterment of the cardiac health of an individual, to live better life quality for more years to come, and thus must not be delayed.

For more information on Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in Delhi, do consult Dr. Sujay Shad, an expert heart surgeon in India.

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