Why Employers Need Employee Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Performance

How can an employer ensure that his employees are hard at work? Do they really need to be in the office? Are they working when they’re supposed to be working? With today’s technology, employers no longer have to rely on indirect means of monitoring their employees’ performance. With cutting-edge employee monitoring tools, they can now know if their staff members are in the office or not, how much time they spent on each task and with which particular person(s) they interacted during the day.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Monitoring tools are software programs that keep track of every employee’s computer activity. Some business owners install monitoring tools on their employees’ computers to make sure they are working during work hours. It allows them to see exactly what their employees are doing on company time, how much time they spend on each task and even which websites they visit during work hours. This helps them identify employees who are not working productively or, worse, stealing valuable information from their companies. Managers often use remote team tracking in order to better communicate with their employees and improve workflow by identifying bottlenecks in projects. In fact, a recent survey showed that 82% of managers said employee monitoring increased productivity at their company.

What is Remote Team Tracking?

Remote team tracking is a growing trend that allows companies to track and monitor their employees on an around-the-clock basis. Today, more and more businesses are choosing to incorporate some sort of remote monitoring for workers or freelancers—and it’s not without good reason. When you trust your employees (or freelancers) with managing their own time and objectives, you’re putting a lot of faith in them, and that faith should be reciprocated by checking in on how they’re doing periodically.

How will team tracking benefit my business?

Employee time tracking is a commonly used tool by employers to monitor their employees’ work. It is a system that records and tracks what employees do during their working hours. It has been found that when companies use time tracking software, they have a positive impact on both productivity and turnover rates of employees. Let’s see some benefits of using work time tracker:

1) Improves productivity: According to various studies conducted across various organizations, it was found that there was considerable increase in efficiency and profitability after implementing work time tracking systems. Business owners would definitely want to know how much productivity is improved if their staff members use timesheets. When you start managing your employees work with work time tracking, you will find ways to make them more productive.

2) Boosts accountability: Managing employee performance with work time tracker software is relatively easy as compared to conventional methods. With online employee time tracking tool installed on your desktop computers or laptops, employees will always stay under watchful eyes (of supervisors). Also, computerized access logs let supervisors access who visited their web page at certain intervals. All these details become vital evidence that managers can use to manage their teams effectively.

3) Helps you save money: Manual tracking is just too tedious. If you want to ensure every minute spent by every employee is accounted for accurately, then try automated work time tracking software packages today! Implementing efficient time tracking systems will reduce human errors and improves accuracy tremendously. In turn, you will save on expenses related to wasted time and fuel.

4) Helps boost morale: Employees feel motivated knowing that their employer is paying attention to their work schedule and work activities. In fact, studies show that employees feel motivated to work harder once time tracking is introduced. They know that their efforts will yield returns and that managers trust them to deliver results.

5) Makes you a better boss: Once your staff gets trained on time tracking methodologies, they can readily identify specific areas where their individual efforts can contribute to building success of an entire project. Employees do appreciate any initiative taken by their employer towards being better bosses.


If you’re looking to create a smarter workforce, you need a smart employee monitoring tool. Time tracking is a feature that can be of great value to employers. It helps improve productivity and efficiency by pinpointing areas of improvement. So, read on to know why you should also consider monitoring tools for enhanced performance of your employees.

SOURCE: Is Employee Monitoring a Necessity or a Trend?

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