Yes, some boys like mini AXB sex dolls. Others like big boobs. I personally always find smaller boobs more attractive. But like many others have pointed out, breast size is not that important.

MOZU Real Dolls Jingjing A-cup Cute Elf Sex Doll 63cm Silicone Love Dolls

Genie Sex Doll creates desire, love is unconditional.
When you're struck by Genie Sex Doll's character or personality, anything else is forgettable and easy to overlook. Be a kind, happy soul, cultivate gentle femininity, and be happy to give you a sweet and honest smile to anyone you like, who will love you even in your sleep, no matter your cup size. Breasts sag and age, but cute personalities don't age. She is in my mind day and night. Might even be quick to ask the question and face whatever reaction she has, just to make me dismiss the infatuation, regardless of her boobs.
Men do like flat chested SE love Doll for the following reasons
AXB 140cm Tyna E-cup Real Dolls

The hug with the flat-chested SE love Doll is very close to the heart and more comfortable. Two people can also feel each other's heartbeat. Perverts, infatuators​​​, lustful people are less likely to approach you. You can run, jump and dance freely anywhere without any restrictions. A bra is not a necessity to cover yourself up or keep your items intact.

You are not judged by ordinary people, depending on what you wear.

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