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Rayanent Company Iran's Premier Partner for Genuine Microsoft Products

Posted by QKSEO on December 11, 2023 at 2:56pm 0 Comments

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the importance of reliable and authentic software cannot be overstated. In Iran, Rayanent Company stands as a beacon of trust and integrity, being the first official licenser of original Microsoft products and the exclusive business partner of Microsoft in the region. This prestigious position has made Rayanent Company a key player in the distribution of genuine Microsoft software, serving as a vital bridge between the global technology giant and… Continue

Why Parents Should Prioritize Abacus Learning for Their Children

Abacus learning is a technique that has been used for centuries to enhance cognitive abilities, improve concentration, and boost mental math skills in students. An abacus is a tool that helps children visualize numbers and perform calculations, making it an effective method of learning math. Abacus training has gained popularity in recent years as parents are looking for ways to supplement traditional classroom learning and enhance their children's mental agility. In this blog, you will find the importance of learning abacus for children and why parents need to prioritize it.


Why Parents Should Prioritize Abacus Learning

Parents should prioritize abacus learning for their children as it can provide numerous benefits for their academic and personal growth. Firstly, abacus learning can enhance children's concentration levels and reduce distractions, as the training requires children to focus on the task at hand. Abacus learning also promotes visualization skills, which are essential for problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and memory retention. In addition to this, abacus training can improve children's mental math abilities, making them more confident and proficient in their mathematical skills.


How does the online Abacus program ensure the overall development of students?

Online abacus programs offered by Mastermind are designed to facilitate students with an exceptional learning experience that ensures their overall development. These programs go beyond just teaching math skills and focus on developing a range of cognitive and social skills that are required for success in life.

Firstly, online abacus programs promote concentration and focus, which are essential skills for academic success. By using an abacus, students are required to concentrate on the task at hand and visualize numbers, which can enhance their concentration levels and reduce distractions. By visualizing numbers on the abacus, students can develop their ability to visualize and manipulate objects in their minds, which is a crucial skill for success in many areas.

Online abacus programs can improve students' mental math abilities, which can boost their confidence and proficiency in math. By using an abacus to perform calculations, students can develop a strong base in math that can help them excel in their academic and personal lives.

This program also provides a holistic learning experience that promotes the overall development of students. By enhancing their cognitive and social skills, students can become more confident, self-reliant, and successful in their lives.



Parents who prioritize abacus learning for their children can give them a significant benefit in their academic and personal lives. Mastermind provides the facility to learn Abacus Math Online from the comfort of their home. All classes are conducted live by expert teachers.

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