Why You Need To Engage An Explainer Video Company – Key Facts To Consider

An explainer video is a crisp and informative video that allows for describing your company or a product or service that you offer. They tend to be one to two minutes long and communicate to viewers what you do, in a creative way. The term “explainer” was coined based on that they help people understand, something new by breaking it down into simple terms.

An explainer video company tends to create videos in a wide range of formats including animated videos, that are usually more fun for viewers of every age group. Furthermore, there are live-action videos that feature interviews with real employees or actors on set. A blend of animation and live action is used, to explain complicated services, such as the oil and gas, or renewables industry.

Is Explainer Video Really Effective?
Videos in the general sense, are widely known to be an effective form of media since they excite your viewer’s mind visually and audibly. This is incredible when you consider that 90% of all our mental stimuli come from visual and audio cues. The video made by a video animation company acts as an engaging marketing or learning tool. It not only helps viewers to effectively retain the information being communicated, but it also triggers an emotional response, that viewers may then associate with your brand or product.

In recent research conducted by HubSpot, it came out that, 76% of digital marketers believe that animation video helped them drive tons of traffic to their website and increase sales. Marketers further found an increase of up to 66% more qualified leads on a per year basis, from using explainer videos. Having said that, HubSpot also found that 96% of customers increased their online video consumption in 2021.

Today 9 out of 10 viewers say they enjoy watching more videos from brands and businesses. In other words. video content is not just desirable but is accepted by many of your target customers.

How To Come Up With Astounding Animated Videos?
It is an open secret that video, as a medium, for advertising is an amazing way for businesses to present their brand, marketing message, and services. Having said that - What will eventually decide whether or not, an explainer video has been effective? It will be the quality of the visual and audible content.

If the explainer video a 3D animation company creates for you can describe simply, difficult to understand concepts, the videographer is definitely doing an incredible job; and the video will be well received. An explainer video is of value only if it gets to simplify a difficult-to-understand concept for the viewer. The goal is to break down the process or your service and how it works, or the varied complex elements of your product, into easy to digest bite-size chunks.

You should further take into account the level of understanding that your target consumer has. What jargon will they be able to easily understand? If the video is targeted to beginners or advanced-level users of a product, ensure to specify that in the title or description of your video, so as not to confuse people.

Sum Up
If the explainer video you are presenting, leaves viewers scratching their heads, it will not penetrate the mind of your target customers, and in turn not accrue the results that you expect. In order to drive the kind of results you want it is advisable to engage a video production company, to create the video for your sake. They will be able to design an alluring storyline and shoot a high-quality video that will drive the results you would be seeking.

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