Why you should never pour grease down the drain

Grease harms your health, as well as the drain pipes in your house. You may have heard that pouring oil down the drain is acceptable as long as it is done with hot water or dish soap. People believe that liquid cooking oils cannot clog drains when poured down the drain. We are here to tell you it is not advised to pour grease down the drain.
Effect of pouring grease down your drain
The fluidity of hot grease makes it easier to pour down a drain. However, when the temperature of grease drops, it freezes, causing a blockage that is difficult to dislodge. While you may not be aware of the problem now, grease buildup in your pipes can eventually cause a blockage and other plumbing problems that a quality plumber in Palm Beach can only fix.
The problem grows worse if the grease doesn't stay in your pipes and instead spills into the sewers. Oil from all of the local households and eateries is combined here. These grease forms degrade over time, releasing fatty acids and glycerol. In the sewers, the fatty acids combine with calcium to form fatbergs, soap-like substances. Fatbergs stick to the sewer ceilings as the sewer level rises, growing in size and eventually obstructing the entire sewer system. The only limit to how big a fatberg can go is the sewer's capacity.
Grease Disposal Instructions

A clog can form in pipes from any fat, oil, and grease, even if the oil is still liquid at room temperature. Please follow the below suggestions to dispose of grease and harmful oil in a proper manner.

• Cooking Oil
Wait for the oil to cool down after cooking with coconut, avocado, olive, or sunflower oil. After that, soak off the oil using paper towels before washing the pan. Dispose of the paper towels in the garbage pail. Using paper towels for disposal using a lot of oil could be wasteful and costly. If you plan to save the oil for later use, place it in a glass container with a lid. Use a screw-top container if you don't intend to use the oil again, such as a Coke bottle. Discard the container after use.

• Grease
Allow the fat in the pan to cool and harden before proceeding. Then, using a spatula, scrape the grease out of the pan and discard it. To absorb any residual oil or fat in the pan, use a paper towel. If you have a lot of greases to get rid of, dump it into a container while it's still hot and liquid. When the container is complete, you can either throw it away or empty it into the garbage. Oil is usually kept in separate containers in restaurants.
Contact WPH Plumbing
When a grease clog develops in your drain pipe, it acts as a trap and grows all the trash and food particles in your sink. As time goes on, a clog will form, prohibiting the draining of wastewater from your house. Your professional Plumber in Palm Beach, WPH Plumbing is available to assist you if you have a clogged drain. We have been a family-owned plumbing company serving the Gold Coast and its nearby area. The team from WPH Plumbing uses the most up-to-date technologies and approaches to find and clear a blockage

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