Why Your Tooth Brush Is Your Best Friend?

Brushing your teeth is the first and the most fundamental step that you take towards keeping your oral health flourishing. It is an indispensable part of our routine and a habit that we assimilate at a very young age.
We need motivation for doing workouts, for instilling new habits and for achieving our goals, but we never need motivation for brushing our teeth. That’s because this habit is so deeply inculcated in our minds. Mint Dental GC is founded by a group of dentists on the Gold Coast who are dedicated to providing excellent oral health solutions to the people of this region.
To maintain sound oral health, it is important that we understand the significance of brushing and follow its best practices.
Tooth Brush- A Friend That You’ll Always Need By Your Side
To understand the significance of brushing your teeth, it is important to know how and when the concept of oral health was inducted into human civilization. If we look into history, we find different tools for maintaining oral hygiene in ancient civilizations.
Before the invention of toothbrushes, people used ‘chew stick’ (which is still used in many countries) for cleaning their teeth. It is mainly a twig of a medicinal tree such as Neem (Azadirachtaindica), Babool (Vachellianilotica) Sheesham (Dalbergiasissoo), MiswakSalvadorapersica( Liquorice, Gumtree, Lime tree, etc.
They have been found in the excavations in Sumer in Mesopotamia and in an Egyptian tomb dating from 3500 BC and 3000BC respectively. They are also mentioned in Chinese records dating from 1600BC.
As the cultures started to incline towards religious purity, the concept of cleanliness gained traction. The Chinese Monk Yijing described the rules for chewing a piece of tooth wood to brush the teeth and scrape the tongue in (635-713 CE).
In Islam, chewing miswak stick for cleaning the teeth has been prescribed before every prayer five times a day. So you see, oral hygiene became important for so many reasons and it got assimilated into our lives through millennia.
The first bristled toothbrush was found in China during the period of the Tang Dynasty (619-907AD). It was recorded in 1223 by Japanese Zen master DogenKigen and gradually travelled to Europe. Toothbrushes went through many upgrades and advancements.
Today, we also have electric toothbrushes that do not require you to manually move the brush. As modern science and dentistry developed, we got more insights into the significance of oral health. Brushing the teeth became an essential practice and a part of our daily routine.
Of course, dental care goes beyond brushing teeth and includes many other things including flossing, mouthwash, use of fluoride, etc. Brushing, however, remains the most popular oral care practice as it is easily accessible and budget-friendly for everyone.
You already that regular brushing keeps many problems such as bad breath, gum disease, plaque, and decay at bay. They are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs and teeth structure. While ensuring that you have a good quality, it is also important that you use it the right way.
You must use toothpaste that has a good amount of fluoride while keeping the strokes gentle and sweeping. At Mint Dental, your trusted dentist on the Gold Coast we promote the best oral health practices and help you have healthy teeth. Also, you get best cosmetic dentistry on the Gold Coast at Mint Dental.

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