Will 3D printed humanoids replace Japanese sex dolls?

There is a saying that desire drives the progress of human society. I don't understand the deep meaning of this sentence. But if men don't like women, human beings can't thrive.

In the Internet, there is a corresponding phrase, called pornography to promote the development of the Internet. The simple logic is that it is men (and women) who like to watch adult videos or buy love dolls directly on the Internet, so the network bandwidth is growing rapidly. Relevant cases can prove it: Japanese sex dolls have become the mainstream of adult websites, and BT websites have begun to close one after another. People can use PCs, PADs, and mobile phones to directly open websites anywhere with WiFi, and watch HD or even larger data streams. of VR videos, they no longer need to be downloaded. Porn drove the exponential growth of internet bandwidth, and the internet industry benefited from it.

However, men will never be satisfied with the simplicity of adult movies. Even if they can have sex every day, they will always feel that something is missing. Sex is a physical need, but their higher needs are psychological. Therefore, some people simply fall in love with dolls who are obedient and can "play" as they want. At this time, technology comes in handy. The ultimate wish of every man is to have a smart doll that is obedient, can speak and chat, can pose in various positions, and has body temperature. Therefore, in the field of dolls, all manufacturers strive for lifelong efforts to explore the "ultimate doll" in the hearts of men.

Humanoid ZELEX Doll

According to official reports, these artificial human skins are made of high-tech silicone material and feel the same as real people. The skin of the simulated person is meticulously crafted, and even the pores are highly simulated. However, according to experience, no matter how good the current silicone material is, it cannot be compared with human skin. These words are quite advertising. On the other hand, the skeleton made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy has a certain sincerity, and lightness is the main thing. Of course, it would be better if it can be durable and impact-resistant, as doll controlers all understand. The finishing touch of this ZELEX Doll is also on the eyes. It really is desire to promote the progress of human society, at least to promote the progress of dolls, maybe someday there will be humanoid robot dolls.

Are human balloons more suitable for kite flying? I just want a player-made ZELEX Doll, and I don't want this humanoid balloon. Do you feel the same way?
As long as it is not a balloon version of a doll, but a silicone version, they generally experience such a scene before leaving the factory.
Workers face big booty sex doll all day, will they have a physiological reaction?
It is said that the advanced customization of big booty sex dolls in foreign factories has already done enough segmentation of the body parts of the dolls. Well, Mimi's customization alone gives users so many choices. Some are divided by color, some are divided by size, and there is a pornstar version... But how can a business have only female dolls and no male dolls? The voices of the sisters should also be seen wow!

Well, this is a related search for love dolls, who said girls don't need it?

You know, there is also a great demand for sex dolls among girls, so foreign beauties go to the factory to measure the flat chested sex doll in person. Most of the foreign girls like this kind of male doll. What do the domestic girls like?

Adult product manufacturers may be more concerned with the comfort experience of users using dolls to solve physiological problems, but some artificial intelligence manufacturers have also begun to make ideas in this field. With further development, the dolls have become more and more intelligent and more humane. In the near future, products like sex dolls will become mainstream.

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