Everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays and special events with their loved ones especially when you haven’t met them for so long, birthdays are a chance to meet your favorite buddies and have a wonderful time together. While throwing a party is a lot to do considering the décor, choosing the right theme, gathering the perfect ideas and everything in between it is also very costly.

In this era, where economy is taking a serious hit and everyone’s budget is suffering amidst of pandemic throwing a party is a burden on pocket. Here we have gathered some amazing party ideas on a budget that will make your kids happy beyond measures and make you a famous host among your acquaintances.

1.Start With A Theme

An original theme is required for each fabulous party. That's the Secret. Make sure you have chosen a core theme that will keep you focused and on track until you spend a single penny on party supplies. A theme lets you set the party's mood and concentrate your planning efforts. It also helps keep the budget under control, because when your expenditures are all focused on the same key concept, you can spend less and still have a greater effect.

If you are not sure where to get all the party supplies as per your theme try smarty had a party. The company also offers discounts and deals, you can easily use smarty had a party coupon to avail all party supplies for less.
If you are not sure where to get the inspiration for your themed party try searching Pinterest, the place is filled with hundreds of ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and wonderful. You can also check magazines with party ideas or ask your kid for their favorite cartoon/movie character.

2.Be A Great Host

A party could be great with all the right décor and amazing stuff but still guests could go unhappy! The details does matter, but not exactly the information that you would expect. If the guests are not having fun, Pinterest-worthy decorations and a beautiful dessert show will not save a party. Healthy hospitality is completely open, welcoming each guest individually, introducing them to other guests and helping them mingle.

You may not need to think about this if your community is naturally very friendly and outgoing, or if everyone already knows each other, but you should always be prepared just in case things start to go wrong. In social settings, many people are, by default, shy and nervous, particularly if there are a lot of people they don't know.

Although maybe cute silly, Icebreaker games can get things off to a light-hearted start.

3.Keep the Kids Entertained

Kids have different needs than adults while you and your friends might be impressed with the quality of paper cups and the types of drinks served at the party, kids’ needs are different. All they need is a safe zone to be themselves and enjoy with their best buddies. Don’t forget to give the kids at the party space and freedom to have their own fun. Engaging them in lots of games and stuff and not giving them time to play what they have wanted might be a disaster.

4.Have An Outdoor Party

Nature makes the ideal backdrop for the party and natural beauty is already decorative enough, so you won't need many changes to make your party pop. Make sure you provide some seating and a place to set up a drink for visitors, but you might not need anything else depending on your outdoor room. Any additional decor for outdoor parties is up to you.

5.Invite Through Emails

Sure, invitation cards are too cute but now everything has gone digital. Rather than posting hard copies of invites you can invite your guests via email and or a text message. Create your own on a word processor at home, or by using a free graphic editor online. For email invites, most of us have heard of Evite, but there are also a few other very neat and more distinctive choices, like Paperless Post, Punchbowl, Parties, and Green Envelope. Not only are you going to save on paper and postage, but it is going to be a breeze to handle your guest list.

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