work endorsements are issued to managers who can engage in e-commerce activities in Hong Kong or through Macao.

Can‘t I apply for a work visa to work in Hong Kong?

What is a work visa?

work endorsements are issued to managers who can engage in e-commerce activities in Hong Kong or through working visa application This endorsement is divided into three categories: once every three months, multiple times every three months, and multiple times every year. Stay at the destination for no more than 7 days at a time within the validity period.

The length of stay is longer than a tourist visa, but the length of stay varies from country to country. For example, a work visa in the United States is only valid for entry, and the time of departure is determined by an immigration officer and indicated on an entry card.

Not everyone can apply for a work visa. To apply for a work visa, there must be sufficient work reasons and no malice. Generally speaking, visa officers require applicants to have clear work needs and an invitation letter from country X.

The following are guidelines issued by the Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

work Visits

Mainland residents who come to Hong Kong for work visits in their personal capacity may apply to the mainland public security organs for issuing travel permits and work endorsements to and from Hong Kong and Macao. The work endorsement is valid for three months to one year, and can enter and leave Hong Kong for one or more times, with a maximum stay of seven days at a time.

Mainlanders who come to Hong Kong on work visas and meet the general entry requirements of enterprises (e.g. mainlanders holding sufficient travel funds, persons coming to Hong Kong to avoid suspicious activities, etc.) may be allowed to enter Hong Kong as visitors.

Generally speaking, anyone who is allowed to stay in Hong Kong as a visitor can engage in the following work activities: undertaking or participating in bidding or tendering; Inspection of goods or monitoring equipment; Participate in exhibitions and trade fairs, but do not directly sell goods or provide services to the public; Handling claims or engaging in civil litigation activities; Invited to engage in commercial, scientific and technological research activities; And attend short seminars or other meetings.

According to the Hong Kong Immigration Ordinance, individuals allowed to enter Hong Kong as passengers are not allowed to engage in any paid or unpaid work in Hong Kong. Once convicted by the court, violators can be fined up to HKD 50000 and imprisoned for two years.

Working in Hong Kong

Mainland individuals who want to work in Hong Kong or stay in Hong Kong for a long time to participate in the work of Hong Kong companies must first apply to the Immigration Department. They can come to work in mainland China under the Admission of Talents Scheme. After the application is approved, they can come to Hong Kong to work and handle work.

After setting up a new company in Hong Kong, mainland enterprises can also apply through the“Mainland imported talents training scheme” if they need to arrange mainland managers and professionals to assist students in conducting related workes. If the research institution can prove that the enterprise training scheme system is effective in promoting the sustainable development of Hong Kong's market economy and creating local employment opportunities, short-term employment endorsements will be granted to mainland residents who meet the approval requirements for the mainland talent admission scheme. If the company fails to implement the work learning programme, the accountant concerned may be granted an extension of stay in Hong Kong.

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