Infertility is considered a major public health issue and approximately 1 out of 6 people worldwide suffer from fertility issues or struggle to conceive during their reproductive lifespans.
In the last few decades, there have been a series of striking advancements in fertility care where genetic tests are becoming increasingly relevant in reproductive medicine!
Genetic screening is required to
· identify the cause of male or female infertility
· identify carriers of inherited diseases that are transmissible to offspring
· provide direction towards the most appropriate assisted reproductive techniques
Pre-pregnancy genetic screening offers investigations for more than 100 different diseases and syndromes and this significantly benefits infertile patients and their future children.
Screening approaches for the optimization of ART techniques
PGT-A primarily indicated for couples with advanced maternal age, repeated implantation failures, recurrent miscarriages and severe male infertility. Preimplantation Genetic Screening involves screening of IVF embryos and it analyzes the overall health of an embryo & a healthy embryo has 23 complete chromosomes. PGT-A can detect embryos with abnormal number of chromosomes as some embryos may have more/less number of chromosomes.
This PGT-A technique possibly decreases the miscarriage rate and increases the efficacy of IVF and other ART Techniques.
MotherToBe fertility center stays at the forefront of genetic screening, providing you with an expanded panel of world-class genetic screening tests to assess various transmissible genetic disorders, and to maximize the IVF outcomes at an affordable costs.

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