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High Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter

In order to improve the quality of steel materials in the steel industry, it is very important to install a high-pressure water phosphorus removal system on the rolling line. If you want the phosphorus removal system to be stable and circulate high-pressure water to remove phosphorus, the installation of a self-cleaning filter is very necessary. This self-cleaning filter has a large flow rate and a high degree of automation. It can efficiently intercept more than 98% of impurities in phosphorus… Continue

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Resin Trap Filter Screen For Sand Carbon Systems - Bluslot

Drill Pipe Screens is the screen that is used in the Oil & Gas drilling industry. There are two types of screens: High flow retrievable (rod type) and Low flow non - retrievable (12" cone shape). The high-flow rod type retrievable screens are capable of handling up to 800 GPM or more in 4 1/2" and 5" sizes. The 3 1/2" and 4" can handle up to 300 GPM. They also have the added ability to be fished out using a standard slickline unit with an overshot if you are stuck with the kelly…


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Resin Trap Filter Screen For Sand Carbon Systems - Bluslot

Resin trap filter for water treatment are very important. Like insurance that protects you, your home or business, resin traps ensure that your industrial water equipment will not suffer any partial or total loss of media in the event of any failure.

Resin trap strainers are simple and low-cost protection devices typically installed in activated carbon and ion exchange units, media filters, and service outlets and backwash lines at the outlet of high-purity water systems.



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