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What Is Crisis Communication?

Crisis communication is how an organisation responds to challenges or events that can damage its reputation. An effective crisis communication plan develops awareness of the threat, the risk to the organisation, and any aspects of reducing the danger. Setting the communication basics amongst organisations can create a successful crisis communication plan. Crisis communication planning…


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How Is An Election Campaign Managed And Performed Flawlessly?

Earlier, elections were won based on the politician's image, created when they used to request votes in several areas. But now, everything has changed. Election campaigns and social media presence play a significant role for politicians in earning the trust and voices of the citizens. Election campaign management is a collective effort to influence and impact the decision-making process amongst a…


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Everything To Know About Corporate Affairs

Reputation and affairs can make or break everything in today’s rapid news and journalism world. Handling and safeguarding it is crucial. Meanwhile, corporate matters are responsible for managing conversations and communication impactfully, meaningfully, and contently. Corporate affairs have expanded rapidly and positively to create a compelling brand impact. A team of corporate affairs…


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How Does Corporate Reputation Work?

The business reputation is of utmost importance for your survival and growth. The digital world has immensely grown, so every company's reputation is under the spotlight. Actively managing your business and keeping it in positive light becomes crucial. When it comes to business success and development, the most critical factor is corporate reputation. A positive reputation is valuable if a…


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Understanding Reputation Management For Brands And Businesses

Reputation management depicts a strategy used to influence how consumers view your brand. It can be defined in several ways: impression management, online reputation management, brand reputation management and internet reputation management. They aim to shape and invent ways the target audience, consumers, and other stakeholders review your business.

How does it work?

Reputation management strategies include internet monitoring and message control to identify…


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Importance Of Crisis Preparedness

Reports suggest that nearly 70% of organisations have experienced at least one corporate crisis between 2015 to 2020, the average being three crises per organisation. Yet, the amount of apprehension given to crisis planning does no justice to the severity of the situation. It is unquestionably essential for business owners to have a positive mindset concerning their future goals, but a…


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Level Up Your Corporate Game Through A Reputation Strategy

'Corporate reputation' can be defined as how others perceive a company. It can be closely associated with brand image. However, it differs from the latter and cannot be built through clever advertising and positive marketing. But it can be moulded with factors like your leaders' search engine results, blog posts, positive reviews, and public actions.

Corporate reputation is a distinguishing factor as it is difficult for competitors to replicate or leave behind and, thus, has a massive…


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Attracting Customers Through Reputation Management

It is a no-brainer that audience development is a necessity for all activities. Certain activities attract customers, whether a dance performance, an election campaign, or a marketing drive in a multimillion-dollar business. In a business, you may have already applied measures for this purpose. Let us focus on how to captivate your target audience through reputation management.

Reputation management in election campaigns

The increased digitalisation has…


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Key Factors To Consider While Curating Reputation Management Strategies

A deciding factor in the growth of a brand or an organisation is the delighted customers. It can be rightfully said that the growth of a brand does not depend solely on the quality of the product or service they offer but also on its reputation. It is impossible to stop a rogue customer from speaking against your company. However, it is possible to control the impact of their feedback through an effective reputation management strategy.

Neglecting your organisation’s reputation can…


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Role Of Online Reputation Managers In Shaping Public Opinion

A good reputation is a must-have for unlimited growth opportunities and ensuring a company's guaranteed long-term future. In today's digital world, most of the audience within the age group of 18-35 years are more inclined towards online reviews than personal suggestions. It takes one negative review from a consumer to shrink the sales, even of a good product.

Role of reputation management specialists

Therefore, shaping public opinion of a brand or an…


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How Does Corporate Reputation Influence Employee Acquisition?

When it comes to corporate reputation, you may have read several articles that mention how corporate reputation influences customer purchases and sales. But did you know corporate reputation impacts employee acquisition too? Employees look for more than just a decent salary when taking up a job. They desire to work for a company with a stellar reputation that adds to their professional profile.

Most HR professionals and team leaders find it challenging to draw in good talent, given…


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Guide To Planning A Successful Campaign Strategy

Are you planning to contest for the local municipal or state legislature elections? Then here's the ultimate guide you need to create a winning campaign strategy.

Define your goal

When contesting an election, your only goal is to win. But it is necessary to define victory clearly to make it achievable. In political elections, it is a rare scenario that you win every constituency. You need to focus on those constituencies for securing secure a win. List them…


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How To Tackle A Business Crisis?

A business crisis is an extreme scenario potentially threatening your company's growth and success. It can happen anytime. Both internal and external reasons can cause them. There is very little you can do to prevent them. However, you can prepare for it. Here is how to do so:

Identify possible crisis threats

All businesses are vulnerable to crisis. The type of crisis you face depends on the business you are into. Identify possible threats to your business. It…


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Understanding The Role Of Corporate Affairs In A Business

When you speak of corporate affairs in the business sector, people assume it relates to unethical practice. It is understood that a company is favoured either for vested interest or at the cost of the country's taxpayers. However, this is not true.  Corporate affairs, public affairs, or government affairs is a tool to engage the government to promote business interests. It is done by engaging with policymakers and regulators ethically.

If you find yourself struggling to gather the…


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Why Should You Invest In A Company's Reputation?

When buying a product, what are the factors you consider? The product offering and price are two primary factors you think of. Reputation of the brand is another crucial factor to check. You are a store to buy a mobile phone. It looks great, offers several features, and promises value for money. But will you buy it if the brand is not a renowned one? A bad brand reputation makes its product quality questionable.

If you wish to build customer's trust, increase profit gains, and attract…


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Positive Impacts Of Statistical Consulting On A Business

Statistics plays a vital role in the growth of every business. It helps business owners understand consumer behaviour. It also enables them to spot market trends effectively. But deriving it can be tricky for even seasoned industry players. Since it involves complex calculations, expert assistance is imperative. This is when statistical consulting is useful. It is an approach that utilises the expertise of professional consultants.

These individuals help entrepreneurs obtain relevant…


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Why Should Every Organisation Have A Crisis Communication Strategy?

As a business owner, you need to tend to various things. From handling operational activities to finalising marketing strategies, the list of duties never ends. In such a situation, even a minor crisis affects the flow of your business. It only adds to the chaos and diverts your attention from essential responsibilities. To avoid such inconveniences, you need to have a crisis communication strategy.

It is a framework that helps you during an organisational crisis. It acts as a…


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What Is The Purpose Of Corporate Management Strategy?

Everyone has access to online platforms today. Owing to this availability, citizen journalism has become a popular concept. While this is good, it is also a plausible threat to businesses. A single negative review or spiteful comment can break their image. It could also affect their customer count. The company needs to work on its shortcomings to combat these issues.

This is when a corporate management strategy comes into the picture. It is a long-termed framework that implements…


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What Are The Different Aspects Of Corporate Reputation Management?

A brand's reputation dictates its faith in the market. Besides the quality of products or services, it is the second most crucial factor for any business. It impacts sales, builds customer relations, and helps you achieve long-term goals. Hence, protecting and maintaining it tactfully is crucial. But in the absence of adequate expertise, doing so can be challenging.

Hence, many entrepreneurs opt for corporate reputation management. The companies that offer this service help you…


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4 Reasons To Hire A Reputation Management Advisory

Your brand’s reputation dictates a host of aspects essential for its success. It influences your customer engagement. It determines your credibility. But more importantly, it impacts your overall sales. One negative online review about your business is enough to drive potential customers away, thanks to digitalisation. Hence, it is crucial to safeguard it to the best of your capability.

But monitoring the same by yourself is not a viable option. As a business owner, you must tend to…


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