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Botox: For Youthful Appearance and Surprisingly Much More

There must not have been any couple of days, when you don’t hear about Botox from a relative or friend, saw an advertisement on social media, television or in a magazine, or encountered someone who has used it.

The prevalence of Botox in society is not just because of good marketing but it is testimony to the high effectiveness of the product and great results that patients achieve through it.

Botox Treatment is Safe & Minimally-Invasive

FDA approved, Botox is what…


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Super Food for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

There is an abundance of skin care products available in the market but the secret of healthy and beautiful skin may lie in a person’s diet and nourishment from within. Old cells are constantly being replaced by younger new ones and steady nutrient supply is essential for this growth process.

More and more studies are examining the link between what you eat and how it affects your skin’s appearance. The focus has shifted away from superficial fixes to a more sustainable approach…


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9 Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Just imagine you haven’t waxed in weeks, and yet your legs are as smooth as they were a couple of months ago. There is not a single razor cut or ingrown hair growth in sight. When you touch your face there is no prickly feeling on your upper lip.

Sounds pretty great, right?

This fantasy can become a reality with the laser hair removal technique. This could be your life where painful waxing, hurtful tweezing, and shaving could be things of past leaving you with silky soft skin.…


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Skin Conditions Triggered by Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a combination of factors can result in emanating a radiant glow. The greater blood volume in pregnancy brings more blood to the vessels making skin appear to be flushed. Hormonal changes also help in the skin glands to secrete more sebum resulting in shinier skin.

However, factors contributing to pregnancy glow might have a downside as well. Fluctuating hormones may result in several skin conditions during pregnancy. In addition to many physical changes, women…


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