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What is Konjac Sponge + Benefits for Skin?

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What is Konjac Sponge + Benefits for Skin?

Almost all Konjac sponges contain zero-calorie white rat noodles and glucomannan supplements.

Although these konja-derived products have become very popular in recent years, cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers…


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Shakers and Rattles

Each of these represent a different voice while conducting Group Activities for Employees, a different personality- much like the different people we have in our teams. The challenge is when we can all have our say (play our respective instrument) and together, create magic (a unanimous group-rhythm)

There are two most important days in a ‘life; the day one is born and the day one…


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Art Based Therapy | Taal

Life is a journey and not a destination and hence, this medium concerns itself with the intent or purpose of art based therapy. Expressive arts encourage individuals to engage in self-expression. In my experience, there are many who are uncomfortable to talk about their feelings and emotions. In this way, an art forms make it easier for them. They pour their feelings without talking about them. In these forms of art therapy,…


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Perspectives of Team Building

When it comes to team building Pune, there are numerous perspectives that define what it is. In our definition, Team Building is a process of co-creation, building harmony within the team, making everyone feel acknowledged, appreciated and accepted and most importantly, building a sense of ownership in each and every member of the team. We at Taal Inc. use Drum/Rhythm Circles and other creative…


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Mental Health Counselling with Tanya

Tanya has a Masters’ degree in Counselling for Mental Health and Wellness (Applied Psychology) from New York University, NY. She has experience providing individual, family and group counselling to children, adolescents and young adults dealing with a wide range of mental health issues such as trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, self-harm, interpersonal difficulties, body image issues and bullying. She has also worked as a counsellor in a school setting providing support to children and…


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Self-Care Through Arts by Neha Oswal Bafna

The value of art has been recognised way before we came together as a society. It has been a way to reflect, express, capture and see things with a different perspective since primitive ages, cave paintings are an example of the same and the value or art has only grown exponentially over time. Art as a means of self-care is something that we’ve recognised immense benefits of and Creative Art Therapy becomes our medium of…


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Creating a mission, a common goal:

The most important factor to determine everyone’s involvement is your team’s clarity about the mission. We decide the goals of the group at the very beginning of the session and how we will accomplish those goals.

Practicing Teamwork:

Team-building Pune exercises are the best way to see how individual members will work together to accomplish a goal and A Taal Inc. Drum Circle is…


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Self Care

Welcome to an experiential session, using the medium ofcreative art therapy for enhancing self-awareness, leading towards self-growth and development by expressing, exploring and loving the true self.

My journey of Arts began when I started to move/dance authentically, to express myself. Up until then, dance meant only performance. I then explored various arts as a medium to achieve non-performance goals. As I moved…


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AFH in times of WFH

Now since work from home or WFH is becoming the new normal and getting out of our houses freely is still a little far, it can take a toll on the mind and cause stress and anxiety and for you to deal with that effectively. The Creative Art Therapyfacilitators at Taal Inc. have put together a list of 15 art therapy activities for you to try at home to get in touch with the creative child within you by working with the Building…


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Art Based Therapy-Taal Inc

From the use of art programs with youth at risk to increase resilience and socio-emotional skills and abilities to using drumming and movement with psychological disabilities to improve social skills and behavioral problems,Art Based Therapyinterventions have been successful in creating positive change and growth in children.

Our own studies show that drumming work on the parameters such as attention,…


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