When put simply, a narrative essay is just a story with a plot. This may sound incredibly simple, however a narrative essay can be a hard task to take on. A standard essay structure is composed of an introduction, main body and then a conclusion. A narrative essay however differs in the fact that it follows the pattern of exposition, resolution and then climax.
In a typical text, you would explain the whole point of your essay to the reader in the thesis at the start of the essay. In a narrative essay, you would not do this as it would defeat the whole object of unravelling an interesting story. Narration itself means to explain, so the whole essay will be explaining the story gradually. History is a good subject for a narrative essay as the historical context, dates and times will explain the issue.

A narrative essay structure is used for writers who want to talk about themselves. A plan is vital before beginning, as many memories and experiences may be confused or even forgotten. To make sure that all of the interesting facts are exposed to the reader, a plan can be drawn up which puts things in order and creates structure to the essay.

A narrative essay is supposed to entertain the reader and describe a story from a particular viewpoint. In many cases this viewpoint is of the narrator (whether it is you or a fictional character). Make sure to use many adjectives and strong descriptions to put across the atmosphere, feelings and setting of the story. The point of a narrative essay should be stated in the first sentence of the whole essay and repeated again at the end of the first paragraph.

The situation, event or experience that you are going to be writing about should be brought in in the introduction of the essay. This will show the importance of the event to the reader and the tone will continue throughout the whole piece of writing. A good ending to a narrative essay could be a conclusion of what the situation, event or experience meant to the narrator. This will leave the reader to reflect on the subject and either form a connection in agreement with the narrator or an apposing view.

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