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Any responsible parent would care about the safety of their children when they connect to the internet. They might wonder what their daughters find so appealing about flash games and dress-up websites, and if it is safe for them.

™Safety when Discover more playing with Virtual Dolls

Parents need not worry. Dress up games are as safe and secure as any internet video game. First of all, games are meant to focus your daughter's attention to a creative and fashion-like activity. This is already a very big difference from games that promote violence and sex. Also, it'll keep your daughter from chatting her free time away with strangers on other sites. Your daughter can even use the dress up game to create an avatar to use as a profile picture on other websites or networking sites. This will protect her privacy, and increase her safety.

Where to Play Dress Up Games

There are already several websites that feature dress up games. They range from simple sites with a few games to more dedicated sites that feature virtual dolls featuring children's favorite characters and celebrities like Hanna Montana, Maddie, and Cody, as well as their favorite cartoons like Dora the Explorer and Bratz dolls.

The dress up games resembles the paper dolls you or your spouse played when you were children: a doll in underwear that your little girl can dress up with a variety of pieces of clothing and accessories. Most sites don't require much other interaction that this, requiring only a couple of clicks and drags.

Dress Up Game Groups

The more specialized sites, however, offer a wider range of features. These sites allow for social interaction such as rating dolls made by others, participating in fashion contests, and posting on forums where users can discuss issues related to dress up games. These sites may allow your child to create a profile and establish an identity.

As with all video games, TV shows, and computer interactions, parental monitoring is necessary. And since you can't always be with your daughter when she interacts with other people, be it online, at school or elsewhere, the best strategy is to spend some quality time with her to teach her right from wrong and appropriate and SAFE social interaction. Fortunately, unlike social websites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster or Hi5, websites that feature dress up games are smaller and the community that visits them shares a common hobby and a similar age and interests. They are also monitored more often and more closely, due to the younger age range of their users.

In order to give an additional layer of safety for your daughter, we recommend your child uses a dress up game creation of her own rather than a real picture of hers. Your daughter should not ever upload a photo of herself online. You should also make sure that you don't upload any picture of your child on any sites you visit. An avatar will make her safer than if she used a photo.

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