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DJ Mzenga Man End Of The Year Cypher 2021

KMP was established in the year 2009 with the goal of promoting the authentic Zambian music. The concert featured gospel, afro-pop, dancehall, R'n'B and hip-hop. The concert also showcased singer-songwriter Uncle Rex Local hip-hop superstar. The event was hosted by DJ Cosmo. It was followed with a torchlight memorial in memorial to Daev Zambia.

It was the first time that there was a concert at the stadium. More than 5100 people enjoyed the show, with the VIP section packed to capacity. The performers comprised Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu and others. A variety of upcoming and new performers performed at the show The VIP area was full.

Zambian Music Promos

The performers on stage were new comers and established artists. The Dope Boys, Wilz, Mozegetar and T-Bwoy as well as Leo Muntu performed. The VIP section was packed and fans enjoyed every minute of it. The VIP section was brimming with attendees and the show was sold out. It was a wonderful evening. It was a great way get started on a brand-new musical time.

Namadingo - Ziyambe

After the show There was an after-party that included VIP guests. Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu as well as T-Bwoy, performed to a packed auditorium. The VIP section was filled as well as the VIP area inside the arena. Apart from a VIP area there was a stage to host the concert.

Towela Feat Jemax Manana

The show kicked off when the duo of Muntu and Wilz, and the crowd was treated to a brand new style of Zambian music. A large portion of the Yo Maps Komando Album VIP audience was filled and the VIP section was filled with fans. The bands were all having a blast, and the VIP area was filled with people who enjoyed the night. It was a good night both for the musicians and crowd. The show sold out within the first few hours.

Jay Rox Enigma Album

The concert began the show with Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo MUNTU performing their new genres of music. A VIP room was full of supporters and the VIP segment was packed with musicians and music enthusiasts. The show was awash with Zambian musicians. They all performed to their audience. The VIP stage was packed with spectators.

Yo Maps Komando

The VIP area was filled with music lovers, and the those who attended the VIP portion of the show was packed. The performers famous performers were Leo Muntu, Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, and T-Bwoy. A new era in Zambian music was created. The audience was welcomed with welcoming arms as they danced and sang. The artists as well as the viewers were amazed.

Yo Maps Komando Album

There was an extremely crowded VIP stage and the VIP area was crowded of people. Diverse performers were on stage. The line-up included the Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo Muntu. At the event, the VIP area was filled with fans. After the concert the crowd returned home and were happy. They walked away feeling more than happy.

Jay Rox Album

The VIP section was jam-packed with guests and fans. Various artists performed during the show. The new generation of music began with the performances in the form of Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, and Mozegetar. The VIP section was full with VIP and spectators. The concert was attended by VIP members. was a VIP area. The VIP section was open to the public for free. The event went well. It was open and free to anyone who wanted to attend.

The VIP area of the event was jam-packed with fans. The audience was full of Zambian artists. They performed for large crowds. The VIP section of the concert was full of VIPs. The concert was very well-loved with the industry. There was a large turnout for the event and the main stage was full. The VIP area of the concert was packed with fans. In fact, the concert was a big success. The VIP area of the event was jammed with spectators.

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