3 Common Winter Health Problems & Guide to Prevent Them

During the winter, there are a lot of exciting get-togethers. Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and family dinners. However, as we get ready for the charming winters, it is also important that we don’t forget the unpleasant side of the season, such as the drop in temperature and other related factors that can lead to multiple health problems, also called winter diseases or seasonal diseases. The most common virus which causes illness in this season is the rhinovirus.

Let’s check out some common seasonal winter illness

Flu and the common cold
People get sick with changing seasons as the shift in temperature causes viruses to flourish by which people get affected. Common cold symptoms usually show up within three to five days

Some common symptoms of cold

Running nose

Cough and sneezing

Headache and fever

Preventions: Stopping the virus from spreading is the best way to prevent the flu and the common cold. You should wash your hands properly and avoid contact with others with a cold.

Treatment: As there is no cure for the common cold it is advisable to take proper rest and if a fever gets higher and having any kind of ear nose or throat problems consult with a doctor at Jaipur ENT Hospital

Ear Infection
An ear infection is very common in winter in which bacteria like pneumoniae and haemophilus influenza cause fluid build–up in the ear and also some other causes of ear infections are cold, climatic conditions
Symptoms: Acute ear infection symptoms are severe ear pain, hearing problems, and itching in the ear.

Prevention: make sure to dry your ears completely after taking a shower and clean your ear periodically with cotton swabs.

Treatment: we advised you to clean your ear periodically and make sure to dry your ear. if the pain gets severe consult with an ENT Specialist and visits the best ENT hospital in Jaipur to help you out.

Sore throat
When you have a sore throat, your throat feels sore, dry, or scratchy. The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu, which can be happened by changes in climate conditions

Symptoms: Pain and difficulty while swallowing anything and swelling in the lymph nodes also occur

Preventions: On your own, prevention can be challenging in this situation. Avoiding people with colds or fevers may help. In winter, it can be difficult to prevent. Sore throat is very common in the winters

Treatment: To advise you to consult with a Best ENT Specialist in Jaipur to help you out in the condition of sore throat.

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