3 Ways VOIP Phone System for Business Are Helping Organizations Thrive In The Post-Pandemic World (2022)

Ever since COVID, businesses have seen a major shift in how they conduct business. The Information Technology industry has shifted in a major way as employees and companies have seen major benefits from shifting to a work from home model. With the new work from home trend, businesses have pushed to provide their employees with remote access to business systems so they can complete their jobs in a remote work environment.


While some employees don’t like being alone, tools like video conferencing, persistent chat, and collaboration apps have helped cultivate relationships with their colleagues. As the pandemic progressed, many organizations shifted to VOIP telecommunication systems to provide their end-users with a feature-rich platform that also helps the business save money.


Let’s dive into the 3 ways VOIP phone systems for businesses are helping organizations thrive in the post-pandemic world:


Cost Savings:

One of the instant benefits of switching to VOIP telecommunications is how you can save money on the cost of your phone service. For companies operating in a remote work environment, VOIP brought about major savings as many VOIP providers also offer video conferencing systems, chat platforms, texting functionality, and support for softphones (a software phone) which eliminates the need for hardware to make and receive phone calls. There are VOIP providers who offer unlimited international calling for companies who have international calling requirements.



Happy Employees:

When the pandemic first hit, many employees had to use their personal phones to conduct business which becomes an issue when your work starts to blur the lines with your personal life. A strong phone system that has a lot of features and functionalities like Do Not Disturb mode where all calls go to voicemail, or voicemail transcription so your employees can read voicemails instead of listening to voicemails. These features are all included with VOIP at no additional cost and help your employees become more efficient.


Virtual Numbers:

Unlike traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) lines, VOIP phone lines are very inexpensive and easy to manage. As business operations became more digital, businesses were provided with a plethora of new features where they could now deploy virtual phone numbers that tie into new workflows, report into different biz ops and marketing platforms, and much more. Virtual Numbers provided business leaders and marketing departments with insights on where their leads were coming from and helped them identify where they should continue to invest their money.


A VOIP phone system can impact many areas of a business, it just depends on how creative you’re willing to get with your business operations. If you have any questions or need any guidance on how to choose the best VOIP phone system for your business, schedule your free 30-minute consultation with The VOIP Guru today! We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes spanning from multi-national organizations located in multiple countries to small businesses with a handful of employees.

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