5 fragrance oils for your home this holiday season!

We’re at full speed toward the festive, holiday season! The sights and scents and the overall festive season are really what make this holiday season very special and nostalgic. If you’re looking to enhance your space at home, or even give friends and family some gifts to enhance their homes into a more festive feeling, fragrance oils are a great way to do this. They’re great for making soaps, and candles, and even as air fresheners to enhance your home. Here are some fragrance oils to make your holiday season extra special!

Candy Cane
The candy cane fragrance oil screams “holiday season”. Its refreshing peppermint and a hint of sugary sweetness will make your home feel like Santa’s workshop. This scent isn’t very strong and gives any home space a refreshing, holiday feel. These are great if you’re making candles or soaps, but they can also be used to freshen the air in your home because of their fresh peppermint scent.


Christmas Cupcake
This is another fragrance oil that screams “holiday season”. This fragrance oil has a creamy vanilla scent with a spicy note to it and will remind you of a bakery during the holiday season. You can now bring this scent into your home. This scent will go great in a candle, offering a warm feel to any room.

Sleigh Ride
This fragrance oil has a fun, refreshing scent of a winter day. It has a scent of eucalyptus, citrus, ozone floral, and a hint of strawberry. You can also catch a hint of cinnamon, carnation flowers, and tuberose. The sleigh ride fragrance oil has a warm base of cedar, violet, balsam, powder, and musk. Overall, this scent will remind you of a sleigh ride down a slightly dense forest.

Frankincense & Myrrh
If you love floral, and citrus scents, this one’s for you. This fragrance oil has a rich base of patchouli, musk, and powdery vanilla with mid notes of rose and cedar, and top notes of orange and jasmine. This is a refreshing fragrance oil that will enhance the ambiance of any room. It will go great as an air freshener, but also in soaps, candles, and potpourri. If you prefer the refreshing scents of floral and citrus, this one’s definitely for you.

Frosty Window Pane
This fragrance oil has a fun, fresh scent to it, similar to the sleigh ride fragrance oil. It has a warm base of cedar, violet, balsam, powder, and musk, with floral mid notes of cinnamon. It has top notes of refreshing eucalyptus as well. This scent will remind you of the crisp, cold air of winter days.

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