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Dard Lyrics - Rromeo

Posted by Guru Randhawa on November 28, 2022 at 6:02am 0 Comments

Aashiq ne tere kadmon mein

Palkein bhi hain bichhai

Hai ishq tera meri taumra ki kamai

Kharch kar de mujhe khud pe tu

Wohi hai zindagi jo tere kaam aayi

Tere bin na yoon reh sakoonga main

Tere bin na yoon reh sakoonga main

Dard tera na seh sakoonga main

Dard tera na seh sakoonga main

Koyi bhi dard de mujhe yeh duniya

Koyi bhi dard de mujhe yeh duniya

Dard tera na seh sakoonga main

Dard tera na seh sakoonga main

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Mowing Lawns

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Mowing Lawns 

Take good care of your lawn if you want your visitors and neighbors to be jealous of it. Mowing the lawn is one of the simplest chores. Maybe, but is it really that simple? What if there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to achieve the best results in and around your home? Here are 5 things to keep in mind when mowing your lawn, which should help you get a handle on the situation.



1.   The first cut of the season


It's crucial to get the first lawn mowing of the spring season just right. Especially if you didn't get around to it in the fall. Maintaining a neat and tidy lawn all year requires constant attention to the long grass blades at the time of lawn mowing in Kurunjang or lawn mowing in Melton South.


A single initial mowing may need to be broken up into two if your grass is 8 cm or more in height in early spring. On the initial pass, trim the grass to within 5–6 cm of the soil. It takes a second pass to get it to the ideal 3,5 cm in width.


2.   Unfurl the grass


A weekly mowing should be sufficient. It's best to do it once a week year-round, but twice a week from mid-April to the end of June, when grass growth is at its peak. In the summer, when the weather is drier and the grass isn't watered as often, your lawn will grow more slowly, allowing you to space out your mowings.


The frequency with which you choose to mow the lawn is entirely up to you. The overall height of the blades shouldn't exceed 8 centimeters. Remember that each time you mow the lawn, you should only trim about a third of the length of it.


3.   Ideal circumstances for cutting the grass

Before applying any kind of treatment to your grass, you should wait for ideal conditions. In the first place, you shouldn't cut the grass if it's been raining or has been wet recently. Mowing the grass in the morning after it has rained or rained overnight leaves it uneven and unsightly.


Mowing should only be done in dry, warm weather. This does not imply that you must wait for a specific day. The grass is easiest to trim when it is dry and standing straight up, so keep an eye on the sun. Keep in mind that mowing the lawn during times of warm weather makes the grass less susceptible to illnesses.


4.   Noxious weeds should not be overlooked.


A wide variety of weeds can invade a lawn if the grass is cut too short. When the lawn's depth and uniformity are inadequate, this can occur. Keeping your lawn weed-free is essential, and it can be maintained even if you choose not to use chemical herbicides or other treatments.


As soon as you see a weed growing in the cracks between your grass blades, you can pull it out. However, there are strategies for thwarting their development in the first place. You shouldn't use more fertilizer than the manufacturer recommends, for instance. Do not tamp down or roll out the lawn too much, as this may hinder its growth.


You could also rely on the experts in your area.


Keeping all this advice in mind might help you better care for your grass. Consider how long that would take. And now, at last, we provide you with the ultimate hint. Thanks to Jim’s Mowing, you can kick back and take in the sight of lush, green grass without lifting a finger.


Experts from our team are standing by to lend a hand with any urgent yard maintenance. We offer the best lawn mowing service because we understand its significance. Professionals from Jim’s Mowing are the most reliable option since they use high-quality equipment and rely on their extensive knowledge and experience to treat lawns effectively. One of our team handles the following areas :


  1. Lawn Mowing in Kurunjang
  2. Lawn Mowing in  Melton South
  3. Lawn Mowing inToolern Vale
  4. Lawn Mowing in Werribee South
  5. Lawn Mowing in Truganina
  6. Lawn Mowing in Hillside


Find out the cost right away and put your worries to rest. Just leave the rest to us!

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