Leather Aviator Jacket - Look Out Tom Cruise

Since the time movies have been created, pilots and aviators have fascinated us with their stories. Everyone isn't in the position of being a "Top Gun" but we all have the ability to be like one. The leather Aviator jacket is a classic style that you must consider as part of your wardrobe.

Everyone has the desire to fly and explore the world from afar. Everyone has had the childhood fantasy of being as Peter Pan - one flap of our wings and we're flying off to Neverland. However, as we grow older this dream that we had as children disappears. For one thing real men don't like being connected to Peter Pan, right?

Then we start to wear an aviator jacket with ankle boots when we want to impress women. It is not often that we realize how flying, and leather-based aviator jackets are somehow linked.

The history of leather aviator jacketsgoes back to World War 2 when pilots were provided with leather jackets to shield them from cold weather as fighter planes at the time weren't protected by a jacket. It wasn't designed to grace the fashion scene but , even before it was able to make its grand debut it was already written in stars. It was written that from the time it was born it would shine for a long time and be in use forever.

We are able to see leather aviator jackets all over the world from the runway all up to the realm of everyday. It's impossible to stop this jacket and it is sure to shine and last longer than every fashion item in the world.

If you're looking to impress, fly with your aviator jacket made of leather and enjoy the freedom! Now, you are able to fly just like Peter Pan and yet feel every inch like a real person! There is no longer a gap in reality and fantasy.

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