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7 Tips For Choosing Sterling Siver Chains


The first known pieces of silver jewelry date all the way to the time of ancient Turkey in the 4th millennium BC. It has been the most valuable metal around the globe at various times throughout history. Do you know how to make yourself appear as if you're a millionaire with silver?

If you're choosing necklaces, there are numerous choices. Read on to find out more about our guide to the best sterling silver necklaces gift for wife.

1. Quality

When thinking of quality take a look at silver necklaces on two separate criteria. The first is their style appeal, and the second one should be their potential to accrue value as time passes.

You're looking for the highest quality silver that can be used for its appearance. It should sparkle with the vibrant brightness that it is known for. The light should reflect and bounce from its surface while it moves.

The better the quality is, the higher its value as time goes on. The value of the item will also be dictated by the quality of metals that are added to it. As silver is soft and malleable it requires premium materials in the alloy to prevent the alloy from breaking and harming.

2. Measure Your Wrist

A neck measurement can help keep you from disappointment, especially when you purchase on the internet and are in a position where you can not attempt a chain. Because of the shape and angle of the model, it could appear different from the images.

Take a look at your neck and determine if you want an ornamental necklace. It should be worn at a reasonable height around the upper chest. For drooping, long chains add more.

Increase by 2 inches the length of the choker-style pendant. It shouldn't weigh so much that it entraps you. Also, you will need to breathe and swallow it while you are wearing it. In every scenario it is possible to choose an adjustable chain.

3. Think About Your Face Shape

When shopping for eyewear, a lot of consumers don't think about the shape of their face. Your face shape is important and the pendant and chain can enhance certain aspects of your face.

Anyone with a tall, narrow face should wear a necklace of around forty to forty-five centimeters in length. This will help reduce the appearance. If you choose to go for pendants with a round shape it will help in the perfect combination of shapes and angles.

Chokers and necklaces that are short-length are not recommended for those who has a more round face. They can accentuate the shape of your face, so opt for longer necklaces that are more fluid.

4. Think Of The Ocasion

Be sure to mention the outfit or dress and the occasion for which you plan to wear it. Even if you see an item you love but don't have anything in mind to wear it, you could start to think of ways to wear it. You may see items and clothing when you are out shopping that look good together.

One tip is to keep a picture of the jewelry piece on your phone. This way, you will be able to match it to outfits on the go. If you already own the outfit, keep a picture of that when shopping for jewelry.

5. Length And Width

Silver necklaces are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are many options of sterling silver necklaces. It all depends on the look you're looking for.

Small size chains are obviously more prone to snapping, should you get them caught. They'll appear almost unnoticeable, so they won't restrict or hinder your movement.

The weight increases when chains are longer and thicker. If you're working on more difficult tasks, they may be a hindrance. These are all important factors to consider when purchasing.

6. Choose The Best Retailers

Many online sellers offer sterling silver cable chain necklace. However the quality of their products, service and cost can vary significantly. Therefore, it helps to shop at a reputable, reputable retailer.

Go to their website and look for reviews from their customers. It is also possible to look on the internet to see if other customers have purchased from them. They might have reviews that show how excellent the customer service is and how many stars they get.

Make sure you read the return policy of the items you buy. Keep in mind that due to hygiene reasons, a lot of jewelry items cannot be returned. This is yet another reason why you should ensure you buy the top quality item you can.

7. Do Not Be Afraid To Make A Statement

Everyone has seen beautiful jewelry that is attractive and wondered if it could fit their personal fashion. For those who are not adventurous the answer is usually to go back to the way you've always been. Jewelry should be an invitation to you to explore something new.

Statement jewelry and dramatic jewelry are in fashion at the moment. It is a good idea to pair bold pieces with more subdued basic clothes. It is also possible to create an eye-catching, vibrant look by using smaller pieces that are less distracting.

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