If you walk down the aisle of dog collars at your local pet store you are likely to be overwhelmed by all the choices. What size do you need? What about the material? Should you even use a collar?

Is It Safe for Dogs to Wear Collars?

The clear-cut answer is yes, it is safe for dogs to wear collars- as long as it fits your dog properly. Ill-fitting collars, however, can pose some dangers. A collar that is too tight may choke or strangle your dog. On the other hand, a collar that is too loose can easily slip off or get snagged on fences or furniture.
When your dog’s collar fits properly, you must be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck.
A properly fitting dog collar can help keep your dog safe. if your dog escapes, a collar with a tag can let people know your dog is microchipped so it can be returned to you. You can also list your phone number on a tag or the collar for more safety.

Types of Dog Collars


These are the most basic collars, made of a narrow piece of nylon, leather, or other sturdy material outfitted with a loop or loops to attach an AD tag and a leash. They usually close with a secure buckle or clip.

Chain (Choke Collar)

Chain collars, also known as snake dog collars, are made of metal and are often lined with prongs, which dig into your dog’s skin when there is tension on an attached leash. Some owners use these collars for training purposes, but unless you are an expert dog trainer, a snake collar dog is not recommended.

Martingale (Limited-Slip Collar)

Martingale collars are similar to chain collars but feature a fabric loop that shrinks when pulled on. They are safer than choke collars and are specifically designed for dogs who might slip out of traditional collars, for example, sighthounds. When your dog pulls, the collar will tighten- not to the point of discomfort, but enough to be secure and prevent slips.

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