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Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines) for a resumption of industrial whaling at the 58th annual International Whaling Commission conference in St (What do you need to finance a car). Kitts in June 2006. Numerous legislative initiatives have actually been introduced in the 109th Congress concerning Cuba's human rights situation, U.S. financial sanctions (including the general embargo, travel constraints, and limitations on funding for U.S. farming exports to Cuba), and radio and television broadcasting. For a listing of legal efforts and action, see CRS Report RL32730, Cuba: Issues for the 109th Congress, by [author name scrubbed], approved by the House by voice vote on June 12, 2006, acknowledges the 40th anniversary of Guyana's self-reliance and extends finest desires to Guyana for peace and additional development, progress, and prosperity.

Likewise see in the "HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean" section above; and H.R. 1130 in the "General" area above. Numerous legal efforts have actually been introduced in the 109th Congress relating to Haiti, consisting of on migration, restoration help, health help, and on the facility of an independent commission analyzing the U.S. function in the 2004 "coup" in Haiti. For a listing of legal efforts and action, see CRS Report RL32294, Haiti: Advancement and U.S. Policy Because 1991 and Current Congressional Issues, by [author name scrubbed] and [author name scrubbed], introduced March 14, 2006, would praise Portia Simpson Miller for becoming the very first female Prime Minister-designate of Jamaica. Africa Asia and Pacific Europe Middle East Western Hemisphere Djibouti Cook Islands (FSF) Andorra (FSF) Bahrain (J) (OG) (FSF) Anguilla (FSF) Liberia (J) Guam Campione Israel Antigua (FSF) Mauritius (OG) (FSF) Hong Kong, SAR (J) (OG) (FSF) Cyprus (OG) (FSF) Lebanon (J) (OG) (FSF) Aruba (J) (OG) (FSF) Seychelles (FSF) Japan1 Dublin, Ireland (FSF) Bahamas (J) (OG) (FSF) Tangier Labuan, Malaysia (FSF) Gibraltar (OG) (FSF) Barbados (J) (OG) (FSF) Macao, SAR (FSF) Guernsey (OG) (FSF) Belize (FSF) Marianas Isle of Guy (OG) (FSF) Bermuda (J) (OG) (FSF) Marshall Islands (FSF) Jersey (OG) (FSF) British Virgin Islands (FSF) Micronesia Liechtenstein (FSF) Cayman Islands (J) (OG) (FSF) Nauru (FSF) London, U.K.

Kitts and Nevis (FSF) St. Lucia (FSF) St. Vincent and Grenadines (FSF) Turks and Caicos Islands (FSF) United States4 Uruguay West Indies (UK) (J) 5 Source: Based on Errico and Musalem (1999 ), IMF Working Paper WP/99/5 (unless otherwise suggested). Legenda:( J) = Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank Data on External Debt.( OG) = Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors.( FSF) = Financial Stability Forum's Working Group on Offshore Financial Centers (News Release of Might 26, 2000). 1Japanese Offshore Market (JOM). 2Asian Currency Systems (ACUs). 3Bangkok International Banking Facilities (BIBFs). 4U. S. International Banking Facilities (IBFs). 5Includes Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Monserrat. Table 2 provides the Financial Stability Forum's list of 42 jurisdictions that it thinks about to have significant offshore activities.

The second group wesley financial timeshare (Group II) would be jurisdictions normally viewed as having treatments for guidance and co-operation in place, but where real performance falls listed below worldwide requirements, and there is significant room for improvement. The 3rd group (Group III) would be jurisdictions usually viewed as having a low quality of guidance, and/or being non-co-operative with onshore supervisors, and with little or no effort being made to abide by worldwide requirements. Offshore Financial Center IMFMember Historical Associationwith IMF Member Population (million) Certified Banks (number) Supervisory Authority Group I 1 Dublin (Ireland) Yes n/a n. a. 54 Reserve bank of Ireland 2 Guernsey No U. How to owner finance a home.K.

07 77 Guernsey Financial Providers Commission 3 Hong Kong, SAR No Part of China 6. 85 454 Hong Kong Monetary Authority 4 Island of Male No U.K. Crown Dependency 0. 07 67 Financial Supervisory Commission 5 Jersey No U.K. Crown Dependence 0. 09 79 Jersey Financial Providers Commission 6 Luxembourg Yes n/a 0. 42 221 Comm. de Surv. du Sect. Investor 7 Singapore Yes n/a 3. 87 212 Monetary Authority of Singapore 8 Switzerland Yes n/a 7. 1 n. a. Federal Banking Commission Group II 1 Andorra No France and Spain 0. 06 n. a. n. a. 2 Bahrain Yes U.K.

because '71 0. 62 102 Bahrain Monetary Firm 3 Barbados Yes U.K. independ. since '66 0. 26 63 Central Bank of Barbados 4 Bermuda No U.K. Overseas Territory 0. 06 3 Bermuda Monetary Authority 5 Gibraltar No U.K. Overseas Territory 0. 03 32 Financial Providers Commission 6 Labuan (Malaysia) Yes n/a n. a. n. a. Labuan Offshore Financial Solutions Auth. 7 Macao, SAR No Part of China 0. 44 n. a. Mon. and Foreign Exch. Auth. of Macao 8 Malta Yes n/a 0. 38 20 Reserve Bank of Malta/Fin. Solutions Centre 9 Monaco No France 0. 03 n. a. n.

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Group III 1 Anguilla No U.K. Which of the following approaches is most suitable for auditing the finance and investment cycle?. Overseas Area 0. 01 6 Directorate of Financial Providers, MOF 2 Antigua & Barbuda Yes U.K. independ. considering that '81 0. 07 55 MOF and Sup. of Banking and Trust Corps. 3 Aruba No Part of defaulting on timeshares the Netherlands 0. 07 6 Reserve Bank of Aruba 4 Bahamas Yes U.K. independ. since '73 0. 3 418 Central Bank of the Bahamas 5 Belize Yes U.K. independ. given that '81 0. 24 5 Reserve Bank of Belize 6 British Virgin Islands No U.K. Overseas Territory 0. 02 13 Financial Providers Inspectorate 7 Cayman Islands No U.K. Overseas Territory 0.

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