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365에 대한 최악의 악몽

Posted by Vernita Susana on October 17, 2021 at 2:06am 0 Comments

“서울시민 케어직원까지 현지 공장에서 이탈할 정도로 심각합니다.”(해외 옷차림업계 관계자)

베트남발(發) 생산 차질이 국내외 의류업계를 강타하고 있습니다. 코로나 바이러스 감염증 확산으로 베트남 공장의 ‘셧다운’이 단기화되면서 여름 의류뿐 아니라 여름 제품도 제때 공급받기 힘겨운 상태에 내몰리고 있어서다. 아웃도어업체들은 즉시 추운날 최대 품목인 ‘패딩’을 받지 못할까봐 발을 동동 구르고 있습니다.

12일 옷차림업계의 말에 따르면 지난달 K2코리아 매출은 지난해 같은 달에 비해 8.1% 떨어졌다. 경쟁업체인 아이더의 저번달 수입도 지난해 준비 2% 하락했었다. 베트남 공장 가동 중단으로 여름옷 출시가 한 달가량 밀린 효과가 컸다. 옷차림업계 관계자는 “베트남에 코로나바이러스감염증 델타 변이가 확산되면서 남부 호찌민 공장이 전면 셧다운됐다”며 “겨울옷 출시가 늦어지면서 판매에 악영향을 줬다”고 이야기했다.

베트남은 의류패션 구역에서 중국에…


365에 대한 15가지 놀라운 통계

Posted by Delorse Nitz on October 17, 2021 at 2:06am 0 Comments

우리나라 옷차림 디자이너 중 최초로 세계 3대 패션위크(뉴욕, 파리, 밀라노, 런던)에 동시 초청을 받은 블루템버린(BlueTamburin) 김보민 디자이너가 22S/S 뉴욕옷차림위크를 통해 2026년까지 수행될 세계6대 옷차림위크 대장정의 첫 시작을 전했다.

김보민 디자이너가 지난 11일 ‘TOUCH’ 테마로 아르누보 스타일의 감성을 22SS 뉴욕옷차림위크에서 선드러냈다./그림=블루템버린 공급

뉴욕 현지시각으로 7월 13일 오후 4시에 개최된 블루템버린 컬렉션은 ‘TOUCH’라는 테마로 아르누보 스타일의 감성을 보여줬다.…


365에 지치 셨나요? 당신의 사랑을 다시 불러 일으킬 10가지 조언

Posted by Seegmiller Rees on October 17, 2021 at 2:06am 0 Comments

우리나라 패션 디자이너 중 최초로 세계 8대 패션위크(뉴욕, 파리, 밀라노, 런던)에 동시 초청을 받은 블루템버린(BlueTamburin) 김보민 디자이너가 22S/S 뉴욕패션위크를 통해 2027년까지 실시할 세계6대 패션위크 대장정의 첫 시작을 전했다.

김보민 디자이너가 지난 20일 ‘TOUCH’ 테마로 아르누보 스타일의 감성을 22SS 뉴욕옷차림위크에서 선드러냈다./사진=블루템버린 제공

뉴욕 현지시각으로 8월 19일 오후 9시에 개최된 블루템버린 컬렉션은 ‘TOUCH’라는 테마로 아르누보 스타일의 감성을 보여줬다.…


Any time you Decision through Casino Online Cure Lower income Staleness Impressive.

Posted by SEO on October 17, 2021 at 2:05am 0 Comments

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Vernacular Notes Athletic Disbelief 1: -Not wagering boldy. For everybody who is in no way wagering boldy most people means for sure retrograde more rapidly and / or upcoming. Impressive…


Advertising and Marketing Insights - How To Multiply Your Responses On Google AdWords

Error №1 that brought back thousands of online retailers
95% of traders make this mistake. As in my other post entitled "How Google Checks Your AdWords Campaign", Google works very differently from other search engines for PPC campaigns.
So, what's mistake # 1 that hurts the casual advertiser? The answer is in 2 simple words - "Web Content Network". Google will likely never tell you because they are making too much money with unknown upstart investments than they need to find out through their web content network.
If you are creating a pay-per-click type of project on Google (Google AdWords), you can place your ad in three places:
Google Reviews
Google Look Network
Google Material Network
Google Browse and Google Look Network usually offer relevant searchers. However, by default, Google is reviewing the content network on ad setup websites. How closely is the material network connected to your AdWords? In general, it is not well combined at all. You get a good click offer from those who reply to this old website, but this high-quality traffic is ideally bad. Not only is website traffic bad, your cost per click is sure to be significantly reduced when you activate the content network. Even worse, if you remember my last post, one of the key elements that will affect your ad's position is "click-through rate average". So this can be very unfortunate. Only if you disable the "Material network" checkbox (under "Edit project settings") can you increase your campaign's click rate significantly, which will definitely give you a much better ad position.

Covid Insights

Consumer Insights
Keep in mind that the better the cost per click, the higher your ad position. If your click-through rate falls below approximately 0.5%, your ad will appear rarely. On the other hand, if you have a click-through rate of 2%, 3%, or even more, your ad will rank significantly higher than if judged on speed alone.
Another unfortunate caveat is that "physical network" click fraud is much better.
Another great way to increase your return on investment and lower your cost per click is to check where your traffic is coming from on the Google Search Network. If you find that a lot of your web traffic comes from a companion website like, you can also remove the Look Network targeting and save some extra money. By advertising on this companion website, you save about 50% on every click. The downside is that it will take longer to tackle additional projects. It also depends on your total budget. The more you spend, the more important it is to think about the decision to remove the Look Network and set up various campaigns on sites like
The point is that by disabling the Web Content Network, you can greatly improve your results and save a lot of money.
Check out our breakdown below, where we looked at the second most important bug when running Google AdWords. Sign up for our Understanding Advertising and Marketing e-zine and be the first to see it.

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