African History Course: By Akan Takruri, Review by Tod Schultz

Tod Schultz gives this book a 5  star rating

A book entitled by “African history Course” by Akan Takruri : that was typically highlights concerning the physical place and people; and concerning the past history of African. The description of the book reads

“The History of continent and its Kingdoms before Slavery and organization. This includes" one hundred African Religions before slavery and colonization" and "Egyptian Language Connections to alternative African tribes" and "Our True Black History" three books in one. With reviews queries for higher learning.


This is a book concerning the journey of of early Human life, and also the progress and foundation giving birth of early African humans. It shows the ingenuity and wit that our early ancestors showed to survive and guide US through our present. This book starts from the formation of the primary life single cell organisms, to the event of chemical element, then to the formation of vegetation, and toward land life.


This book is setup to show and check you with review queries. Its an excellent book to possess to be told aboard your common history book. it'll provide you with the total insight of Africas, culture, history, language, and faith. “

Akan Takruri book tried to argue that continent is packed with numerous and also the web site of early humankind. The history of continent thought-about by some as insignificant, associate degree philosophic weapon by another and lack precise definition. truth history of continent was a lot of debatable among historians. it had been thought-about for an extended amount of your time by European as no history, primitive, Barbaric and illiterate. However, this type of language of African history looks flaw and by design done to cover and to justify and provides legal ground the nineteenth century exploitation. there have been but, evidences that shown continent has had ancient history.


It was inevitable incontrovertible fact that continent had their own history and culture. many African states (Ethiopia, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Burundi, Rwanda, Madagascar, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Botswana) have a meaning pre-colonial identity and history. for instance, these days no one will question the very fact that the nice walls of Rhodesia were erected by African hands; maturity Axum obelisk, a beautiful rock hewn church of Lalibela, Fasiledes castle etc were created by the African themselves normally and also the Ethiopian especially.


Akan Takruri  conjointly tried to clarify the environmental history of continent and that they argued that Africas’ ecological zones area unit too numerous and that they have conjointly modified and still modification over time. one in every of the notable samples of environmental modification in continent is that the draying associate degreed an increment of drought and geological process in Sahara areas. Consequently the degree of rain fall began to say no and therefore it successively push those that resides around it to maneuver to different places down in to the fertile Nile vale, that creates concentration of population.


Again, Akan Takruri took middle Niger as a central place to the perception and understanding of African history. His historical interpretation looks flaw as he took just Gold Coast, African country and Songhay to work out the continents past history. we have a tendency to disagree his assumption of such interpretation as a result of he misses different ancient civilized African countries like Yaltopya, Egypt, that has quite 3 million years of civilization. during this regard, historians like Alex Thomson and Asfaw Teferra argued during a elaborate manner concerning the history and culture of continent. In distinction to Akan Takruri, they explicit  that before Gold Coast, African country and Songhay civilization, there have been few  African countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia, Burundi, Rwandese Republic and African nation  etc have their own pre-colonial identity history and state name previous the approaching of European power to continent ( Alex, 2004; Asfaw, 2008).


Surprisingly, as Asfaw in his book continent, past, gift and future development in short explained, the civilization of continent has been a big impact in Europe particularly in Greek and Kingdom of Spain, and even sure yank civilization. for instance, Martin Claude Bernard as cited in Asfaw (2008) has incontestible well that the Greek and Kingdom of Spain civilization had African origin. additionally, Francis Bacon, the founding father of fashionable European science, had to travel to Morocco to be told arithmetic. Asfaw tried to justify his argument by stating 2 manner or journeys of African civilization move to Europe. the primary was by manner of the Nile vale to Palestine and Persia and so to Hellenic Republic and Italy. The second was by manner of geographical area to Kingdom of Spain and Portuguese Republic. In spite of this truth, European used exploitation to deny the history of continent to determine White domination (Asfaw, 2008).


Another book written by the author music director Rodney (1982) entitled “How Europe Underdeveloped continent” terminated that Africa had their own autochthonal identity, culture, faith and civilization before the approaching of Europe in continent land. really there area unit African countries that have gotten their name and existence when the approaching of Europe. not like John Park, music director Rodney interperate African history in such the simplest way that even few ancient African countries for example, Egypt, Yaltopya and Nubian’s etc history was extremely influenced and dominated by foreigners.


Rodney in his sub title of his book justly investigated the correct era of European exploitation over continent since the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that was later than Latine America. it had been true as Diedre L. in his book “Global organization: continentn union” tried to explained that Africa weren't totally colonised by European till 1875. each authors have similar interpretation concerning the pretext of European power to colonize continent, that is, to civilize, to evangelise Bible and to expand infrastructure and different communication facilities on continent since continent thought-about by them as a dark continent. Moreover, European imperialists invade continent on the pretext that Africans were incapable of properly governing themselves, they unable to control while not the active engagement of continent alliance and also the intermediaries’ one.  However, the pre-colonial African history told United States of America that African states before the approaching of Europe were stable, harmonious, sturdy institutional arrangement and had kinship attachment that helps them to administer themselves effectively (Asfaw, 2008; Betts, 1986).

So whats my Review Conclusion?

I have to give this book a 5 star rating in conclusion. It really is a great educational piece and you can easily lookup the information to verify what the Author is speaking about. I like the way that it is setup as a course for learning. Its great for teaching small children, of college students. It’s a little price consuming, but it’s a course not a regular book. So I give it 5stars and a must read.



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