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Age Of Fear 3: The Legend Download Blackbox

Age Of Fear 3: The Legend Download Blackbox

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About This Game

Play as either Nairi, an imprisoned Dryad fighting for her freedom, or Gilrock, a drunken Dwarven Lord on a quest to restore his family's honour (or just to kick some arse!). Teaming up with a bloodthirsty Drider warrior on one hand or a whip-smart spellcaster on the other, these heroes are prepared for the worst.

AGE OF FEAR is a long-running series of fantasy turn-based strategy games loved by fans for its tabletop wargame battle system and in-depth RPG customization. Age of Fear 3: The Legend is our third addition to the series which offers enhancements like World Map, Relics, Global Events and procedurally generated battles! (scroll down for a list of features)


  • HEX-FREE BATTLES - test your tactics with a novel movement system where size matters and units aren't constrained by artificial grids!
  • OPEN WORLD - are you bored with the main storyline? No worries, you can always take a side-quest or play procedurally-generated battles. Play this game as you want!
  • FREQUENTLY UPDATED - we take our work seriously and patch our games often with new features and content. Also, whenever possible, those updates are back-ported to all our previous games!
  • COMMUNITY-DRIVEN - we listen to our players and continuously improve! Go and check our forums, everyone has their say and we implement those suggestions.
  • FULL OF JOKES - who said strategy games have to be serious? All the best fantasy jokes have a home here!
  • PARTY CUSTOMIZATION - build and upgrade a custom army from more than two hundred unique units, skills and spells (but be aware of racial animosities!).
  • DEEP BATTLE MECHANICS - learn the basics in a hurry, then develop new strategies around a huge variety skills, spells and battle hazards like neutral factions and environmental effects (yes, you can anger bystanders!).
  • EASY TO MOD - create your own missions, or even full-fledged campaigns, to be shared with the Steam community!
  • FANTASY STORYTELLING - get wrapped up in two separate storylines featuring a motley crew of characters, globetrotting adventures and fantasy shenanigans galore. All hand-illustrated!
  • PERMANENT DEATH - accept the grim realities of death where all units that fall in battle stay dead... unless an evil Necromancer raises them as Zombies.
  • ARTEFACTS AND RELICS - discover numerous unique weapons, armours, potions and treasures, with the rarest granting powerful OP skills and stat bonuses.
  • ADVANCED AI - our AI is built upon a self-organizing network of agents and meta-heuristics algorithms (yes, we are PhD-smart!). Discover one of the most sophisticated AI systems you've ever played against!
  • LOW HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS - run the game even on that old potato laptop of yours. Your stone-age computer is good enough!
  • ...everything else we come up with! Get only if you want access to the latest features in the Age of Fear series, and please keep in mind that this is an evolving product.

If you're hungry for a no-nonsense, old school turn-based strategy game, you've met your match in the Age of Fear series. Enter the fantasy world of Age of Fear today!



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Title: Age of Fear 3: The Legend
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Leslaw Sliwko
Age of Fear
Age of Fear
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL capable
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


10\/10 would play again. AGE OF FEAR: THE LEGEND + THE ELEMENTALIST

The third game of this turn based, RPG, strategy series with two further campaigns and factions: forest folk and the stubborn dwarves.
The forest folk campaign is pretty good, with a lot of funny moments because one of your heroes is a Dryad, a nature-lover character, while the other is a Drider, an evil unit full of violence. The story is related in a very interesting way: the bad guy reading letters reporting the events. Second best story, just behind Chaos campaign in AOF2.
As it\u2019s usual in this series, the campaign will give you different choices and paths, and your decisions will make either good or evil to win. The units of the factions are unique, (Okey, they are Ents), but most of them are innovative and I had never seen them before.
The Elementalist expansions gives it, yet, another twist, because the loot from that missions can be carried to the main story\u2026 won\u2019t make any spoiler, just a hint: Elementals.
The dwarf campaign is very straight forward, just as the dwarves themselves. The good thing is that they were not put as the heroes of most games, but like violent, drunkard and unfriendly beings what is nice for the change.
The game is ready for a replay as different decisions have different outcomes and the open world has its own stories and secrets.
Another bright thing is that the game is always under changes, adding more locations, rebalancing units, items\u2026 and things like faction base will soon be a reality, which will make the game even better.. I might not have bothered with a review since I need to be either incredibly impressed or massively wound up by a game to do it, but some dwarves asked me to.

I'm not kidding. I finished the first expansion (which was dirt cheap, short, well made and pretty fun overall) and then my little dwarfy soldiers had a conversation where they talked about how reviews help indie games and asked me to post one. Normally this would really annoy me, but considering how much time I've put into the completely free 'Age of Fear: The Free World' and the fact it genuinely made me laugh I'll go along with the beardy little gits and pen this. I'll do the usual and write sections about the different bits of the game that jump out at me, but I will say that you can stop reading, go download the absolutely free 'Age of Fear: The Free World', play that and decide if you'll like this game based on your experience there. It's free, which I might have mentioned already, has everything but a main story arc and is constantly being updated, which is crazy. Free game, yet still gets big updates? Yeah. Anyways, back to AoF 3.

First thing, the Dev. He might not actually sleep. He might genuinely be some sort of game making artificial intelligence. I found a bug and reported it on the steam forums. Not only did I get an email with an apology, once I send back the save with the bug it was fixed in less than 24 hours via a hotfix. Name one big publisher who would do any of that. Go ahead, I'll wait. (I wont wait, you wont be able to name any.)

Second thing. Graphics. I wont say retro, because they don't have that godawful fake pixelated thing going on, and you can tell what you are looking at easily enough but if you are the sort of person who cares about it, they do look like they could have come from a game from about 15 years ago. I don't consider it a bad thing, it's a nice, clean art style, but then again there are people who send threatening emails to developers if any texture in a game is less than 4 gig in size so your mileage may vary here.

The combat is really nicely done, which considering it's such a big part of the game it should be. It's easy to get the hang of, doesn't take too long and also isn't over in a couple of turns either - it hits that sweet spot where it becomes very easy to convince yourself you have time for one more battle before you need to go back to dealing with real life.

The factions in the game are all really well done, I'll say that. I've been playing as the Dwarves (and I've played as undead, humans and greenskins in Age of Fear: Open World) and they all play differently, something that's tricky to do without making any be useless. Humans are as usual, the generic faction, the greenskins have a lot of weak troops backed up by some monstrous elites and heroes, the dwarves are slow, heavily armoured very tanky, the undead are a relentless tide of slain enemies getting back up again and so on.

TL:DR - It's good, buy it if you like old school squad management type games.. Solid game fun playthroughs on the campaigns for this game and the previous 2 games. kind of like playing a persistent game of mordheim or chainmail, or a campaign with levelling for warmahordes. give the free game a try first if you're unsure about spending the money right away.. Wonderful mechanisms and funny (dwarf) events. Never regret purchasing the game after trying out the free-to-play version

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