Alternative Sources of Business Growth Finance: There Is More Than One Way to Fund Growth

Finances represent the forming of centralized ad decentralized money sources, economical relations relatively with the distribution and usage, which serve for fulfillment of the state functions and obligations and also provision of the conditions of the widened further production" ;.This definition is brought without showing the surroundings of its action. We share partly such explanation of finances and think expedient to make some specification.

First, finances overcome the bounds of distribution and redistribution service of the national income, though it is really a basic foundation of finances. Also, formation and usage of the depreciation fund that will be the section of financial domain, belongs not to the distribution and redistribution of the national income (of newly formed value throughout a year), but to the distribution of already developed value.

This latest first seems to be a part of value of main industrial funds, later it is moved to the fee price of a ready product  that is to the worthiness too and as a result of its realization, and it is set the depression fund. Its source is taken into account beforehand as a depression kind in the consistence of the ready products cost saving

Second, definitive goal of finances is much wider then "fulfillment of the state functions and obligations and provision of conditions for the widened further production" ;.Finances exist on the state level and also on the manufactures and branches' level too, and such conditions, when the most area of the manufactures are not state.

Talk to any business owner or read the business part of any newspaper and you're likely to come across stories of struggles to gain access to sufficient finance to grow or maintain their business. But we're just starting to witness a change in how business owners access finance with many now actively seeking out alternative sources.

A survey carried out by the UK's Forum of Private Business found that 26% of businesses were hunting out alternative financial products, with 21% seeking them not in the traditional main High Street lenders. In fact, in another survey undertaken by the Federation of Small Businesses, it had been found that only 35% of respondents used a conventional overdraft facility in 2022.

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