Animal Crossing: The information about Warp Pipes

With the arrival of Super Mario crossover games, more and more game content has been added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Although the fan base knows that this will definitely happen this month, Nintendo has provided detailed information about the update.

Furniture items using Nintendo series, like Mario and Zelda, have been a part of the Animal Crossing series, so seeing them return is really a welcoming sight. This time, one piece of furniture functions as more than just decoration: the warp pipes, which might be now fully functional.

For those who don't know, the Warp pipes is a colorful pipe in the Mario game, and the brothers can travel between different locations. In New Horizons, players can buy ACNH Bells and use them in a similar way for long-distance movement. After going live on March 1, you can get Warp Pipes in New Horizons through the following methods and provide some detailed information to understand them.

Reaching any in-game achievements or milestones will not unlock the Warp Pipes. Instead, they must be purchased using bells. However, they're not purchased in Tommy and Timmy in Nook's Cranny. Instead, players may need to go to the Resident Service Building and use the Nook Stop terminal to obtain one. After selecting the "Nook" shopping option, find the "Promotional Items" tab. Scroll down to browse each item related to Mario. It only takes 5,000 bells to get one.

Now players can view Warp Pipes in the inventory, and you can place them anywhere on the island! Players want to learn about two unique attributes of pipelines. The first is that you can place more than two at a time. However, since the player may place any number of pipes anywhere on the island, it is impossible to determine the guiding position of the pipes. Another unique feature is that the pipe can always be placed in the house. This means that players have shortcuts from other basements to the museum, allowing themselves to quickly visit any place on the island from inside the house.

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