Application of Rain Gauge in Rain Monitoring Station

The rainfall monitoring station realizes real-time collection, wireless transmission and monitoring of rainfall through new software such as cloud platforms and intelligent hardware products such as sensors.
The rainfall monitoring station needs to monitor the physical signal of rainfall through the rainfall sensor, and then the gateway collects the data and transmits it to the server through the network for data integration processing. The administrator can view the real-time data and historical data of various environmental parameters at any time through a computer or smartphone. When the relevant parameters exceed the limit, a short message alarm message will be sent to remind the manager to take corresponding measures to realize remote monitoring of environmental parameters. In addition, according to user needs, video surveillance, map viewing and other functional options can be added.
The equipment of the monitoring station consists of a rain gauge, a collection host, a wireless transmission module, a solar power supply system, and installation accessories. The data of rainfall monitored by the rain gauge is collected and processed by the acquisition host, and then uploaded to the server through the wireless transmission module. Users can obtain real-time rainfall data directly through mobile phones or computers. give instructions. The cloud platform has the functions of real-time data, historical data, excessive records, on-site monitoring, etc. Users can directly export the data in the form of tables. Users can understand the rainfall in a certain area in a timely and intuitive manner, and make specific judgments, providing meteorological convenience for disaster prevention and mitigation work and hydrological stations, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and other industries.

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