Application of Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Temperature and humidity sensors and humidity sensors are so different, so in the application of the field is also still different, the following take a look at the temperature and humidity sensor in the life of some of the use.

1.Food Industry
Temperature and humidity for food storage is critical, changes in temperature and humidity will bring about food deterioration, triggering food safety issues temperature and humidity monitoring is conducive to timely control of the relevant personnel.

2.Environmental Monitoring System
In the agricultural and animal husbandry industrial park according to the configuration of wireless network sensors and other Internet of things equipment, real-time monitoring of gas temperature, air relative humidity, light, soil temperature, soil moisture content, soil acidity and alkalinity and other major parameters.

Equipped with video monitoring system system software, it can complete real-time monitoring and displaying of vegetable greenhouse climate problems, soil layer conditions, crop growth and development, fertilizer and water application, machine and equipment operation and other information contents.

3.Server room
Modern electronic computing equipment used in a large number of various semiconductor devices, in a long period of time under the working condition will heat up, when the temperature rises, the performance of the device will then decline.

The heat of the semiconductor to release heat into the air will make the ambient temperature rise, making its own heat dissipation effect is weakened, further leading to the semiconductor device temperature rises, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Ambient temperature is detected by temperature and humidity sensors, and when the temperature is too high, cooling measures are initiated in the server room to ensure normal ambient temperature.

4.Animal Breeding
All kinds of animals in different temperatures will show different growth status, the goal of high quality and high yield depends on the appropriate environment to ensure.

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