In a world where people give the appearance as the primary priority, it is necessary to maintain your appearance!
Therefore creating a flawless smile is also necessary as a part of your appearance. But how?

It is possible through a cosmetic dentistry procedure known as teeth whitening. When it comes to teeth whitening, there are mainly two types of teeth whitening treatment: home-based teeth whitening and office-based teeth whitening.

In this article, I have discussed the difference between home-based and office-based teeth whitening so that you can opt for the best ones!
Read the article till the end to understand more.

What is office based and home-based teeth whitening?
In office-based teeth whitening, the whitening is performed by the dentists at the dental clinic using several bleaching agents. Teeth whitening is also called chairside bleaching. It is usually performed by dentists or experts who are well-versed in the procedure. The results obtained through this bleaching are usually the best and last for a long time. This teeth whitening procedure can last up to some 2-3 years on maximum and more with appropriate appearance.

Home-based teeth whitening is a teeth whitening procedure performed by individuals through local kits available in the market. Home-based teeth whitening is best suitable for people aiming for a quick result. At a minimum, the home-based teeth whitening stays for at least 2-3 months. Usually, home-based teeth whitening can be performed by anyone at home, which is the best thing about the home-based whitening treatment.
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Who are the suitable candidates for the teeth whitening treatment?
• People with healthy teeth are the best candidates for the teeth whitening treatment as it won't affect their teeth's texture.
• You must also have healthy gum so that you don't witness any different reactions or side effects to your gums.
• At least you must be 16 years of age to opt for the treatment; children under 16 years cannot continue or opt for the treatment.
• People aiming for teeth whitening treatment must also be free from restorations, fillings, etc., to carry on the treatment efficiently without any difficulty.
So these were some of the suitable candidates for the teeth whitening treatment.

List out the differences between home-based and office-based teeth whitening.

Lasts Long:
When it comes to lasting long, home-based teeth whitening might not work out here; for this, you must visit the dentist for a more experienced and professional treatment. When compared to home-based teeth whitening office-based teeth whitening lasts longer.

If you want a cost-effective teeth whitening treatment, you can visit your nearby marketplace, where you can find fantastic tooth whitening kits from the market, and then try the treatment. Home-based teeth whitening is one of the most effective types of cost-effective treatment for your teeth. Teeth whitening treatment cost is also more affordable than other dental procedures.

Faster Results:
Faster results can be obtained only through professional teeth whitening treatment because over-the-counter teeth whitening products might take time to achieve the desired results. But it is not the case with the office-based teeth whitening treatment; the dentists might apply enough bleaching agents that are also safer to help you obtain the results faster than usual.

Compared to home-based teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening is safer as it is performed under the dentist's supervision. In contrast, the case of home-based teeth whitening might involve somewhat risk as the individuals perform it. At home, base teeth whitening, the individuals won't be aware of the side effects that can take place if the treatment doesn't suit them. Therefore it is always to opt for professional teeth whitening treatment if aiming for a safer treatment.

So these were some notable differences between home-based and professional teeth whitening. Consider everything before you get the professional treatment done.

List out the pros and cons of the teeth whitening treatment.
Removes Stains:
So now, with the teeth whitening treatment, you can eliminate all those stains and the tartar build-up in your teeth. It sparkles your teeth and also makes them stainless. Therefore opting for teeth whitening treatment can grant you spotless and stain-free teeth.

Good Oral Health:
The teeth whitening treatment helps to eradicate the plaque from your teeth and thus makes your teeth not only beautiful but also healthy. Good oral health is the main pillar of overall health; therefore, it is necessary to maintain good oral health to be overall healthy.

Usually, it is a temporary problem, but tooth sensitivity is common in many people. Even though this sensitivity is temporary, it might go off soon once it reaches the necessary period.

Not for all teeth:
The teeth whitening treatment isn't for every tooth. Mostly it doesn't work on restorations like crowns, filings, or implants. Therefore they may remain the same as they were earlier. It is one of the disadvantages of teeth whitening treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the teeth whitening treatment;

Can the teeth be cleaned permanently?
Unfortunately, teeth whitening isn't a permanent procedure. The achieved results are only up to a specific period. Once you have done the treatment, it will last only up to some 2-3 years and may start to vanish as it exceeds its time.

Is the teeth whitening treatment worth it?
The teeth whitening treatment is worth it. In fact, with appropriate care and maintenance, it can last for a long time.
Hope you find the article helpful. Drop your queries regarding the article here in the comment section below.
Thank you.

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