Best crypto wallets for Android: TOP 12 good crypto wallets for Bitcoin and other currencies

Mobile wallets store private keys that allow access to transactions and are controlled solely by their owner, in encrypted form on the user's local device. We have collected the best crypto wallets for Android, combining security, convenience and versatility. The choice of application depends on the individual preferences of the user: interface convenience, transaction confidentiality, cryptocurrency exchange functions, multicurrency, and others.

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How mobile wallets work
Like other types of platform wallets, mobile applications are designed to store, send and transfer crypto assets. Mobile wallets are similar to desktop programs in that clients are downloaded directly to the user's device, where private keys and other sensitive information will be stored.

According to the principle of operation, mobile clients practically do not differ from light software wallets. They store only a subset of the blockchain transactions, which makes the wallets load quickly and do not require a long wait while the application syncs with the network. The full history of records in the blockchain is stored on servers, and individual user transactions are downloaded additionally. But with this approach, the client is forced to rely on trusted nodes in the blockchain network to ensure that they have reliable information.

In applications, it is convenient to use QR codes to quickly send cryptocurrency or pay for goods and services. This makes mobile wallets the most suitable for making regular transactions. You don’t even have to get out of bed if you need to instantly transfer funds to a friend or colleague.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile wallets
One of the main advantages of a mobile wallet is its portability. Their owners can use the wallet away from home, while on the road or on a walk, and quickly send transactions via a QR code.

Android mobile crypto wallets are less secure than hardware wallets, but more secure than web clients, which are susceptible to phishing and other types of online attacks. Compared to software wallets, the situation is ambiguous: on the one hand, the mobile application is not, but on the other hand, they are easy to compromise if the user uses it in public places. An outsider can spy on the PIN or password to enter the crypto wallet or try to steal the device while using the application.

One of the downsides has to do with the Android devices themselves, namely the Google Play Market. Sometimes developers publish fake applications that mimic the original crypto wallet. If you enter a recovery phrase in such an application or send coins to its addresses, they will be stolen. Download the wallet only from the official website or from the links in the article. Bookmark the address of this page so that you have links to download genuine crypto wallets at hand.
On our Cryptonist social media channels, we talked about a fake Trezor app published on Google Play. Moreover, it was published on behalf of the real manufacturer Satoshi Labs. The fake Trezor client received the users' seed phrase from their hardware wallets, after which the attackers withdrew coins to their crypto wallets.

In summary, mobile crypto wallets are easy to use and best suited for regular small transactions, such as paying for purchases in stores. But if you want to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies, then it is more appropriate to use cold hardware wallets, since they are the most secure.

Trezor T Wallet
RUB 24,990
In addition, mobile wallets are light clients. This means that you do not need to download the full history of the blockchain, and applications run quickly, but you need to trust the servers that download transactions from a local device, that is, a smartphone.

Top Wallets for Android
The Cryptonist team has collected for you popular and reliable wallets available on Google Play for Android users. Consider their features, analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
Google Play Rating: 3.3 ★

Electrum is one of the first bitcoin wallets, created back in 2011 at the dawn of cryptocurrencies. Initially, only the desktop version of Electrum was available to BTC holders. Now the wallet is available on Google Play for Android version 5.0 and higher.

With a simple user-friendly interface and advanced functionality for bitcoin holders, Electrum is great for both beginners and experienced users.

Simple and intuitive interface;
Private keys are stored on the local device and never leave it;
Powerful Electrum servers avoid downtime;
Cold storage - keys can be stored offline;
Replaceable Fees – Electrum users can set their own fees.
Limited functionality. Only storage, receiving and sending bitcoins are available;
Many users complain about application errors and that the application crashes frequently;
Only bitcoin transactions are available.
Coinomi Wallet
Google Play Rating: 4.4 ★

A multi-currency wallet released for Android devices by the same developers as Electrum. The client is available for iPhone and desktop devices. Coinomi supports over 125 blockchains and 168 fiat currencies that can be used to purchase cryptocurrency directly in the app.

A notable feature of Coinomi is that it allows you to connect your own Bitcoin node, which makes it one of the most secure mobile crypto wallets. Users can easily switch between Bech32, P2SH and Legacy with built-in SegWit.

Built-in exchange;
DApp browser;
Access to DeFi and WalletConnect products;
Strong client encryption and local storage of private keys;
Hierarchically Deterministic Logic (BIP44);
Cold storage;
Ability to create cryptocurrency gift-cards;
Domain Name System (DNS) support for replacing complex addresses with simple names;
Ability to connect your own full node;
Unlimited number of wallets;
Availability of Digi-ID identification modules;
Customer support 24/7;
Manage multiple wallets in one application;
Protection against dust attacks UTXO Control;
Proven and trusted crypto community developers;
Regular updates.
For beginners, such extensive functionality can seem complicated and confusing;
Access to a wide range of products, including DeFi, theoretically leads to additional vulnerabilities.
MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet
Google Play Rating: 3.8 ★

An open source crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens. MyCelium is only available on Android and is more suitable for users who are familiar with cryptocurrencies. The application supports payments via QR code, offline storage of cryptoassets and integration with hardware wallets.

Multicurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20);
Simplicity of the interface;
Manage multiple bitcoin accounts;
Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey support;
High level of privacy: TOR support and IP masking;
Wallet protection with a PIN code at several levels;
Support for BIP32, BIP38 and BIP44;
Fast synchronization with the Bitcoin network;
P2P trading.
There is no Russification;
The interface is not very beginner friendly;
GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet (Blockstream Green)
Google Play Rating: 3.3 ★

GreenBits is a fast and easy-to-use open source bitcoin wallet from the developers of the famous GreenAddress bitcoin client. After the rebranding, the application was renamed to Blockstream Green. GreenBits is aimed primarily at beginners. A distinctive feature of the wallet is the use of SPV, which requires minimal trust in third-party nodes.

GreenBits supports the integration of hardware wallets for cold storage of cryptocurrencies, multi-signatures and two-factor authentication to improve the security of the crypto wallet.

Liquid (L-BTC) sidechain support, including Tether USDT;
Intuitive interface;
Advanced security;
Minimum trust in third-party nodes;
TOR browser support for masking IP addresses;
Commission management thanks to RBF and CPFP functions;
Supports only BTC and Liquid-based cryptoassets;
Anonymity will be at risk if you use a phone number and email.
Bitcoin Wallet
Google Play Rating: 3.3 ★

Bitcoin Wallet is an open source decentralized Bitcoin wallet that supports quick payments using a QR code. The crypto wallet is designed for ordinary users. It is distinguished by zero trust in transactions and the absence of a centralized service.

All connected nodes are equal (peer-to-peer);
Display of balances in mBTC and µBTC, as well as national currencies;
Address book support for regular transactions (URLs);
Offline payments via Bluetooth and NFC;
Widget for a smartphone that displays the balance of the wallet.
Supports only BTC;
Limited functionality: only storage, sending and receiving of cryptocurrency;
Does not support TOR, which allows third parties to register used IP addresses without additional protection;
Supports Replace-By-Fee, but in a limited way: only three values ​​(slow, medium and fast).
Google Play Rating: 3.4 ★

Blockchain, formerly known as, is a hybrid crypto wallet created in 2013. More than 68 million wallets have been created by users since its inception. supports both custodial services such as crypto asset purchases, crypto loans and deposits, as well as non-custodial storage. was once one of the most popular and commonly used wallets, but more and more users complained about security and centralization issues. In addition, this is one of the few bitcoin wallets that still does not support SegWit and only uses outdated Legacy addresses with expensive fees. The Cryptonist team wrote about Blockchain in detail in a separate review.

Built-in function of buying cryptocurrencies (requires KYC) and exchange (Swap);
Opportunity to get a loan secured by cryptocurrency;
Payments via QR code;
Additional protection of funds using 2FA and PIN;
The ability to restore access via mail if you forget or lose your seed phrase;
Availability of technical support 24/7;
Support for multiple BTC addresses and separate accounts for different purposes.
A lot of negative reviews about the work and complaints about security;
Wallets are vulnerable to phishing because they use email confirmation;
Users note problems with two-factor authentication via mail;
Unstable operation of the application on Android devices.
Google Play Rating: 4.0 ★

Coinbase Wallet is a secure application for transferring and storing major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), as well as ERC-20 and ERC-20 tokens. 721 (collectibles). The crypto wallet belongs to one of the most famous crypto exchanges Coinbase, but is completely non-custodial, which is why its functions are limited. Combines the functions of a crypto wallet and a DApp browser.

Coinbase Wallet supports cloud storage of private keys, which allows you to restore access to the wallet in case of loss of a backup copy, but poses a security risk. Previously, Coinbase only provided custodial services, but the company has moved away from that in favor of decentralization.

Decentralized applications (DApps) are available on Coinbase;
High degree of anonymity and security;
Easy to learn for beginners;
Crypto portfolio tracking;
Ability to use human-readable names instead of complex addresses;
Import of a Coinbase exchange account and the ability to spend coins from it;
Collectibles support;
Crypto asset exchange is not available for users from Russia;
Cloud backup of keys;
Closed source code.
Delta Portfolio Tracker
Google Play Rating: 4.0 ★

Delta is not a wallet in the usual sense, but a crypto portfolio tracker developed by eToro. The application allows you to monitor the status of your portfolio of crypto assets in all wallets in real time and monitor the rates of cryptocurrencies. In addition to cryptocurrencies, Delta supports traditional assets such as stocks, indices, and funds.

The application combines a user-friendly attractive interface and advanced functionality. Its main disadvantages are the closed source code and the trust of keys to third parties. It is not known how Delta Portfolio Tracker stores users' private keys.

Connecting multiple wallets and monitoring the crypto portfolio;
Ability to connect exchange accounts;
Transfer to the exchange wallet;
The ability to quickly send cryptocurrency from one wallet to another;
Russian language support;
There is user support.
Instead of a seed phrase, a recovery code is used in the form of a QR code, which restores data to the last known state, which is not safe;
No SegWit support;
Closed source code.
Wallet Engine
Google Play Rating: 4.4 ★

Enjin Wallet is a product introduced by the developers of the Enjin Coin (ENJ) cryptocurrency, which is in the top 100 coins by capitalization in the CoinMarketCap service list. The crypto wallet has a simple interface that is easy for a beginner to understand.

Enjin has partnered with Samsung to integrate Enjin Wallet into Galaxy S10 smartphones. The application does not track user activity and does not store personal information.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency in the wallet;
Interaction with blockchain applications (DApps);
Availability of advanced security methods: Dual Encryption and own keyboard to protect against keyloggers;
Fast payments and collecting rewards using a QR code;
Adding contacts for quick sending of coins;
Monitoring balances on hardware wallets.
Not a very attractive interface;
There is no support for SegWit and Russian.
There are no additional security measures other than a password, such as multi-signature or two-factor authentication.
Google Play Rating: 3.3 ★

btc-com-01btc-com-02btc-com-03 is a very simple bitcoin wallet released by the most popular miner manufacturer in the world, Bitmain. The application has limited functionality, and user privacy and funds security are at risk, as registration and login to the wallet require an email and password. supports multi-signature: 2 out of 3 keys. However, the third key is on the company side, so you will have to trust the company to use this security feature.

Ease of use;
Purchase of cryptocurrency in the application is available;
Private keys are stored locally on the user's device;
There is two-factor authentication;
Ability to create multiple addresses and support for HD hierarchical structure.
Creating an account via email and password, which makes it vulnerable to phishing;
Limited functionality;
Replace-By-Fee option limited;
Does not support SegWit;
The 3rd key in a multi-signature is controlled by the company;
Sometimes the crypto wallet does not work stably and does not load;
Does not support TOR.
Xapo Wallet
Google Play Rating: 3.7 ★

Xapo Wallet is a custodial digital wallet that facilitates access to financial services. A crypto wallet is more like a bank account, since the keys are stored on the company's closed servers. Xapo supports the exchange of crypto assets in the application and allows users to exchange accounts among themselves.

According to the company, the funds in savings accounts are stored in ultra-secure vaults. But security and privacy remains a contentious issue.

Possibility to buy cryptocurrency in the wallet;
Withdrawal of cryptocurrency to a bank account;
Fast sending Bitcoin via contacts or QR code.
Lack of privacy: account registration requires a phone number and email;
Not available in some regions;
At the time of writing, new user registration has been closed;
Limited user options;
Supports only bitcoin.
Google Play Rating: 4.4 ★

Exodus is a convenient mobile wallet with simple functionality. Exodus supports the function of staking and exchanging cryptocurrencies, as well as storing more than 100+ different cryptocurrencies. The mobile version of Exodus has more limited functionality compared to the desktop program, but allows you to synchronize clients and use the same wallet on different devices.

The design and functionality of Exodus is developed by a team of experts who have had a hand in projects such as Apple, Disney, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft and others.

Convenience and simplicity;
Attractive and intuitive interface;
Ability to add/remove addresses and coins;
Support 24/7;
Built-in exchange;
Synchronization of wallets on multiple devices.
Limited functionality compared to the desktop client, but for beginners there are all the necessary functions;
No Russian language support;
No integration with cold wallets.

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In my case i use MEtaMask wallet for Android. As for me, this is the best one. He is well secured and have a lot of reviews. By the way, you can read honest review for this waller at the

I highly recommended to read it first, and then to choose a wallet.


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