Best Preschool for Kids - Nursery Admission in Ghaziabad

At Makoons, the nursery education program is designed with a motive to engage your child in various creative activities such as rhymes, storytelling, public speaking, celebrations, pet care and many more. It’s the best preschool for kids that aims in creating a nursery curriculum to lay a great foundation to encourage kids to learn all such skills that will help them stay strong in future. Eventually, we help to develop skillsets in your child that will handy later.

We aim to enforce the kind of curriculum that build kids’ social, physical, emotional and behavioural skills by involving them in co-curricular and fun-filled activities. With such activities, they get to learn a lot by sharing funny stories, beautiful songs, and playing games. The motive is to develop their essential learning and speaking skills. We also teach them how to react and behave in different situations, how to listen patiently, and focus on what others are saying.

Such activities help them to understand and build the power of concentration. On the other hand, our professionals aka trained teachers interact with children by asking stimulating questions which make them come up with creative and interesting answers. In simple words, we inspire your child to boost their imagination and share their ideas and experience while interacting with others.

Teaching at Makoons is of global standards, inspired by the big tycoons of the education industry. Apart from the learning experience, we make sure that kids get the right diet and food to complete their nutritional needs on daily basis. We ensure to provide freshly cooked meals filled with nourishment that promotes healthy growth of body and mind.

Also, we make sure that parents stay updated with the current progress of their child on a regular basis. We provide daily/weekly/monthly reports on how their child is performing, what kind of improvement has been made and how best can be done. Also, we conduct a weekend/monthly childcare program to ensure that every child has maximum care from our teachers or trained professionals and stays healthy and in the best possible shape.

Apart from our nursery program, we ensure to keep the security of children on top priority. Each room and classrooms have cameras. Our entire playschool is covered with CCTV cameras where parents can access those cameras using a live app and stay updated watching their little ones. In case of any emergencies, we provide first aid immediately and we have a dedicated doctor for such needs.

Furthermore, we have AC installed and running in every room to keep the environment cool and friendly. At Makoons, we have dedicated vast playing space for children where they can run around and participate in various activities. Several games are played to keep them physically and mentally fit. Parents can feel assured that their kids are in the right hands and will get quality training in literacy, crafts, public speaking, storytelling, pottery materials, etc. If you are looking for the best playschool, then Nursury Admission in Ghaziabad has already started.

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