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Best Quantum Boards 2021: Quantum Board LED Grow Lights Reviews

Horticulture Lighting Group devised the word “Quantum Board”, and this concept spreads the diodes on a board in LED grow lights manufacturing. With this innovation, the blurple light changes to a form that contains a full spectrum consisting of a higher amount of light which, promotes vegetative growth and flowering in plants under them. quantum boards canada LED grow light got an overwhelming response from the growers soon after its release in the market due to the splendid yields growers got in cannabis farming.
There is no doubt about their performance of Quantum LED lights since a significant number of growers are convinced of their smart spectrum string that adds too much to the growth and yield of plants compared to the ordinary LED grow lights. HLG is still an authority in the manufacturing of quality quantum board samsung 301b in this industry across the world, and they are consistently working to improve the quality of their quantum board LED grow lights. HLG\’s Research & Development wing is one of the most vigilant and zealous departments in the LED grow lights industry.
The Quantum Grow lights mount on a circuit of several diodes in a series containing average-powered LEDs that make a string. The strings then use a parallel configuration and are made companionable with drivers that contain a high power.
The growers could enjoy more advantages and a few cons if they compare Quantum Board LED grow lights with any other existing lights such as COB or ordinary LED grow lights.
For the time being, only COB lights appear a small competitor for the best quantum boards grow lights. Both Quantum Board and COB lights use the same principle for yielding a full spectrum light, while the characteristic difference is mounting several diodes in close proximately to each other in a smaller and tight space when making COB lights whereas spreading them over a huge area in Quantum Boards. This increases the Quantum Board grow light ability to disperse the light in larger space compared to COB light that throws light in concentrated areas. Moreover, scattering a light source saves the plant surfaces in contracting less heat compared to other lights that keep the growing environment cooler. General advantages are;
#1 Heat Management
Heat management in eco farm quantum board lights is much easy and simpler. Usually, a board mounts on a thin Aluminum plate that doesn\’t need active cooling, such as installing fans or vents. These Aluminum plates stay cool for longer and are sometimes used as reflectors to increase the spreading area of lights.
#2 Uniform Light Spreading
Quantum Board lights spread light over more area as the surface area of the strings is often 12 inches or more, whereas COB throw lights from a single source that measures hardly 1 inch in diameter. The emitted from the Quantum Board is also uniform in wavelength and spectrum.
#3 More Lumens Per Watt
Quantum Board lights are more efficient. Comparing 50 watts\’ efficiency for getting more lumens per watt shows that Quantum Series produce 180 Lumens whereas, a COB may be limited to 160 Lumens per watt only.There could be disadvantages when comparing with ordinary lights;

Horticulture Lighting Group has a monopoly over Quantum Board Lights, and they often get out of stock.
Quantum Board is different to manufacture if you do it yourself.
You could manage more lights at the price you need to buy a single Quantum Board light. Usually, 3 COB lights make the price of one Quantum Board light.

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