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Blocked drains brisbane

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We are proud to provide plumbing services in Brisbane that can solve problems for our customers quickly. We are experts with the right tools to accomplish the task. Alexander Gas and Plumbing Co. has qualified plumbers to identify the problem and repair it quickly, efficiently and effectively using the best proven process eliminating the problem…


The Importance of Proper Irrigation and Sprinkler Installations

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It may be the fall time of the year in Ohio with winter quickly approaching, but that does not mean that homeowners should not be concerned about flooding. There are still occasional downpours of rain that happen during the fall and winter months and let us not forget about major snow melts that occur throughout the winter when temperatures warm up a bit.…



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Best Tips & Tricks for Mowing your garden in Fall Season

When the fall season ends and winter starts to begin, you know it’s time to start getting your yard and garden ready. Preparing your lawn and garden in the autumn helps you to enjoy your lawn in the spring and summer. The grass will be greener and healthier with a little fall-time help. You’ll want to prepare your grass for the cold, but you’ll also want to prepare the rest of your yard, not just the grass. You can also take professional help from services for lawn mowing in Essendon west.

Here are some fall landscaping ideas and tips to get your yard and garden ready this fall.


Clean the Gutters


When you’re getting ready for winter, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss the gutters. Throughout the year and especially in the autumn leaves and other debris build up. Leaving this debris in the gutter over the winter can lead to clogged gutters as well as potential damage to the gutters. Lawn mowing in Parkville helps you out in these chores. Here are some tips you can use:

  • You can use a plumber’s snake. You can use one of these tools to move far into the gutter and remove all the debris and gathered fall leaves.
  • Try using an old plastic spatula. For the gutters that run along the roof of your home, try using an old spatula to remove the debris.



Cut back Plants

Not all plants need to be cut back during the fall. Annuals should be removed from the garden, and evergreen trees and shrubs will flourish on their own. But during the fall, your perennial plants will be preparing to go dormant for the winter. These are the plants you’ll want to trim and prep for winter. If you have difficulty finding these back plants you can consult lawn mowing in Strathmore for professional help.


Drain Garden Hoses


Your garden hoses can be freezing in the winter season so it’s good to replace them during fall season. Professional services for lawn mowing in Essendon north will be ready to help you out in the complex work.

  • Stretch the hoses out on a slope. You can spread the hose across a slope in your yard or driveway and let the water drip out of it. This method may take a little time to drain the hose completely.
  • Try using an air compressor. If you have access to an air compressor, try using it to blow the water out of the hoses quickly and effectively.
  • If using a drip system, disconnecting the hose from the water source, and using low pressure, the high volume air compressor will push the remaining water out of the drip lines.


Seed and Fertilize

As you are preparing your fall landscape it is important to fertilize your lawn for the final time. If you have cool-season grass like Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, or tall fescue, fertilizing between September and November is typically the best time so you can see the best results in spring and summer. With warm-season grasses like bermudagrass, centipedegrass, or bahiagrass, you will want to fertilize a little earlier than other types of grass. You can have services for lawn mowing in Parkville.



Mowing your lawn and cutting your grass is also helpful to build a great landscape. Cut your grass to the proper length to make your garden or lawn disease-free.

These are some lawn mowing tips & tricks for the fall season to prepare your garden for the winter. If you find yourself unsure of how to handle getting your lawn ready for cold or you just want some extra support, you can take our professional services for this work.

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