Full Breakdown of Supabets online bet website - large number of values. Despite the fact that in most cases the odds in biathlon are subject to margins above average, a competent player will certainly be able to find values ​​​​in the positions "Who is higher" and "Who will make more mistakes". Usually, the analytical centers of offices do not bother much with biathlon, and therefore the bookmaker can periodically give unreasonably high odds that competent players can use.

Possibility to “arb” on the early line. The above factors also contribute to the fact that even despite the high margin, surebets are formed between the coefficients of some pairs in the “Who is higher” column in different gambling establishments. Naturally, the odds level out fairly quickly, but the most efficient arbers periodically manage to catch the right option.


High margin. Considering not the greatest popularity of this sport, it is not surprising that the margin in betting on biathlon in bookmakers is traditionally high. However, unspoiled lovers of these bets have to put up with this injustice, since they simply have no alternative.

Low betting limits. More often than not, high margins go hand in hand with low betting limits. Biathlon in this case was no exception. It is unlikely that you will find a bookmaker that will allow you to bet several tens of thousands on one outcome of a biathlon race.

Many bookmakers do not offer biathlon bets at all. Despite the fact that in the Scandinavian countries (as well as Austria and Germany) biathlon is very popular, and despite regular broadcasts on the leading European sports channels, in many bookmakers it is still impossible to bet on biathlon at all. For many of those who still include competitions in this sport in the line, everything is limited only to the position “Winner of the race”. That is why biathlon bettors usually play in one office for winter sports, and in another place all other bets.

Rare presence of live. Live betting on biathlon is offered only by a few bookmakers. Due to the difficulty of providing this kind of bets on such dynamically changing races, and also because of the not very high popularity of biathlon in principle, bookmakers offer live in an extremely compressed, cropped form with constant pauses, suspensions and odds changes. It is rather difficult to call this whole chaotic process a full-fledged live.

The role of the random factor. All results in sports are random to some extent, but in biathlon the luck factor often comes to the fore. The fact is that the fate of the entire race here can be decided by a breath of light breeze at an unnecessary moment, or vice versa, a minute calm during bad weather. These factors relate to the unpredictable elements of the race, making biathlon one of the most "lottery" sports.

Seasonality factor. The fact is that major biathlon competitions take place only from November to March. Thus, fans of biathlon betting have to stand idle for more than six months. In addition, after the start of the new season, for such a long break in the form of athletes, serious changes often occur that make the starting stages of the World Cup predictable exclusively for the insiders of this sport.

The main types of races in biathlon

Individual. The individual race for men is held at 20 km, for women - at 15 km. Athletes go through five laps with four firing lines: the first and third - lying down, the second and fourth - standing. For each miss, a penalty minute is added to the time of passing the distance. The winners of such a race are most often biathletes with a high percentage of hitting the target.

Sprint. This type of race is held for men at a distance of 10 km, and for women at a distance of 7.5 km. Biathletes go through three laps and shoot at targets on two firing lines. Just like in the classics, standing and lying down. For misses, athletes go through penalty loops. The length of the penalty loop is 150 meters, which takes approximately 22-25 seconds to overcome.

Pursuit race. This discipline is held according to the results of the sprint race. Biathletes start with the same second delay from each other in which they finished the sprint. Men's race - 12.5 km, women's - 10 km. Athletes overcome 4 firing lines (2 standing and prone positions).

Mass start. The 30 best biathletes according to the results of the overall World Cup standings take part in the mass start. Men cover a distance of 15 km, and women - 10 km.

Relay race. A special line is to highlight the men's and women's relay. Each team has 4 biathletes. Each of them passes 2 firing lines (stand and prone). For men, the distance is 7.5 km, for women - 6 km.

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