BST India adds two new products to product portfolio

BST India, a manufacturer of quality assurance systems for printing, flexible packaging, and the web-based processing industry, has launched two new products – Novotorque pneumatic brakes and Novosense load cell — to strengthen its tension control product segment.

The products are part of a new series named 'Novo', consisting of pneumatic brakes and load cells. The Novo series, to be launched soon, will comprise the Novosmart tension controller; Novoboost amplifier; Novotorque pneumatic brakes and Novosense load cells.

According to the company, the Novotorque pneumatic brake features a specialized disc and fan ventilation system that allows the brake to operate at low temperatures, significantly enhancing unwinding efficiency for high performance. It minimizes maintenance requirements for the spare parts. The spare parts portfolio of Novotorque includes pads, discs, and fans. The pads ensure an extended life, minimizing dust emissions in the workplace. The self-ventilating cast-iron disc with a diameter of 250mm ensures consistent tension control with high sensitivity by efficiently dissipating the heat generated by brake, throughout the entire process. The fans from the spare parts collection, with anti-dust and fan protection features, ensure optimal functionality and longevity.

Priti Vishwakarma, marketing manager, BST India said, “Our Novotorque pneumatic brake is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency. As brakes are considered a commodity in our segment, we had to think outside the box and rely on our years of experience and feedback from maintenance engineers the world over to innovate and to differentiate Novotorque from all its competitors.”

With cost-effective performance, extended operating lifespan, and low maintenance cost, the technology incorporated in the pneumatic brakes consists of a temperature sensor that increases the fan speed proportional to the internal temperature. This prevents overheating of brake components that can compromise tension consistency. With a high torque ratio, Novotorque guarantees precise web-tension control in both regular tension control and emergency stop scenarios.

Novosense is a strain gauge-based load cell that features robust surface protection through nickel plating. It is designed to measure web tension on most types of web processing machinery used in converting, plastic film, printing textiles, and other industries. The Loadcel has some innovative features such as self-aligning bearings and a nickel-plated surface, ensuring maximum protection. It comes with a noise-immune output and offers up to 10-fold overloading, making it versatile for tension measurement for almost all kinds of web material.

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