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External Appearance of Dilaudid 4mg:
Imprint: P on one side, and number 4 on the other side.
Color: Light Yellow
Shape: Round-shaped tablets.
Description of Dilaudid 4mg:
Generic name: Hydromorphone.
Strength: 4mg
Drug Class: Opioids (narcotics).

What is Dilaudid?
Buy Dilaudid or Dilaudid 4mg online is a prescription drug that is similar to opium and is prescribed as a painkiller. When you buy a prescribed Dilaudid dosage from an online pharmacy, you get to know that the brand name of the prescription drug is Hydromorphone, and it is derived from morphine.

Although the drug is chemically derived from morphine, it is less likely that a patient with a liking for the drug will get addicted to it if he takes it for an extended period.

What is Dilaudid Used For?
If you buy generic Dilaudid 4mg, then you will know that Dilaudid is the generic name of Hydromorphone and is generally prescribed as a painkiller, which means that it can treat the pain but without addressing its cause. However, some patients choose to buy the drug from an online pharmacy without a prescription and end up taking the medication beyond the prescribed limit.

This leads to the occurrence of Dilaudid 4mg side effects, whose intensity depends on your intake and immunity. Thus, we shall suggest that you should always buy the drug from an online pharmacy.

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What Are The Side Effects of Dilaudid?
If you’re still here and willing to buy Dilaudid 4mg pills or Dilaudid 4mg tablets, then you must know that like every other prescription drug, this drug also has its set of side effects, which may occur based on your intake and immunity. Nonetheless, we would like to inform you about the following Dilaudid 4mg side effects:-

Unable to sleep correctly
Mouth dries repeatedly
Excess of sweat
Pain in the stomach

How Long Does Dilaudid Exist in Your System?
We already told you when you came here looking for options to buy Dilaudid 4mg from an online pharmacy that prescribed Dilaudid dosage or Dilaudid 4mg pill as a drug has been prescribed for the treatment of the symptoms of moderate to severe pain.

Therefore, you must know that for how long does Hydromorphone stays in your system. The drug or its remnants remain in your system for around 12 to 13 hours. However, the exact length of the drug’s influence depends on various physiological factors.
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Buy Dilaudid Online -

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