Can I get back illegally debited money from the casino?

According to the rules of VISA and Mastercard international payment systems, the cardholder can dispute the following payments:
Transfer to a legal entity to a current account;
Transactions by card. Payments made through a quick transfer system or from the bank's private office are not subject to appeal;
Made not earlier than 540 days before applying.
Who, from whom, and for what reason does a refund request?
The owner of the card, who transferred the money, should apply to the bank which issued the card, the issuing bank. What can be the reason for a refund? Although the casino is illegal and clamping the money fraudulently, writing to the bank about the "fraud" is in no way possible.
The bank is not the police, not the prosecutor's office, and not the court.
Practice shows that the best chances are the applications for chargeback, which indicate that the payment recipient did not deliver the goods or services.
What services are we talking about?
Withdrawals. Advertisements of establishments boast of instant payouts of winnings. Reliable casinos like do withdraw money quickly. But this is only a small fraction of all gambling sites. The platforms promise to withdraw funds in their customer agreements, although with numerous reservations. Consequently, the casino does not provide a stipulated service when a gambler orders money withdrawal and does not receive it. This is the reason and should be specified in the application for a chargeback.
What documents are submitted in addition to the application?
The gambler must convince his bank that he made a contract with the casino, transferred money to it by card, did not receive the promised service, and tried negotiating with the institution to withdraw the money. The following documents prove these facts:
Contract or customer agreement with the casino (screenshots);
Report on rejected withdrawal requests in the operator's personal account (screenshot);
Bank statement detailing the payments to the institution (screenshot);
Payment receipts for payments. Or receipts from an ATM (photos);
Official complaint to the casino, demanding the termination of the contract and a refund (screenshot);
Recorded negotiations with technical support. Especially useful are messages in which the online casino rejects a refund (screenshots, audio recordings);
Page of authorization in the player's account, with a message about blocking (screenshot).
What are the chances of getting a deposit refund on a chargeback?
It depends on the risk management policy of the particular bank. In the closed instructions of claims departments, there are written norms of refunds depending on the amounts of payments, commissions, and merchant's risk category (High risk or Low risk).

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