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Pizza Liefer service dresden

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Essen ist etwas, das perfekt für Ihren Gaumen sein sollte und Ihren Heißhunger auf leckeres Essen befriedigt. Jeden Tag außergewöhnliches Essen zu kochen, das auch noch aus verschiedenen Küchen besteht, ist einfach nicht möglich. Sie können jedoch jederzeit online Essen bei bestellen und jede Mahlzeit in vollen Zügen genießen.

Pizza Bestellen dresden

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Dresden wird im Volksmund auch "Elbflorenz" genannt, weil es oft mit Florenz in Verbindung gebracht wird. Vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg hatte die Stadt ihren eigenen Charme und wunderschöne Architektur zu bieten. Allerdings war Dresden bei Kriegsende fast zerstört. Trotzdem hat die Stadt ihren verloren gegangenen Ruhm und Glanz wiedergewonnen.

How to install IPTV on Smart TV: Step by step tutorial

In this article I will teach you How to install IPTV on Smart TV. It is a complete iptv tutorial to help you with this task.

Your TV has had antenna problems lately and for this reason you are having difficulty watching TV channels. In an attempt to solve this small temporary inconvenience, he considered turning to IPTV, then to television over the Internet, so as not to miss the transmission of his favorite shows.

How to install IPTV on Smart TV

How do you say? Are things exactly as I described them? So know that you have come to the right place at the right time: in today's guide, in fact, I will illustrate how to install IPTV on Smart TV through some steps that will make this operation very simple. Therefore, we will see how to install a useful application to watch TV channels entered through an IPTV list and how to configure it correctly. I assure you that you really have nothing to worry about: just follow the instructions contained in this tutorial by thread and by sign and you will surely succeed in your attempt. Enjoy your reading and enjoy!

Caution: Since it is not my intention to encourage piracy, during this tutorial I will show you how to use IPTV applications on Smart TV to watch free TV channels, not pay TV. Use the tools indicated in the article for legal purposes only. I am not responsible in any way for the illegal use of the indications provided in this guide. If everything is clear, let's take action.

What is IPTV and how does it work?

Before explaining in detail the procedures you need to install IPTV on Smart TV, I intend to briefly explain what IPTV is and how it works, so that you can understand how to use this technology to the fullest.

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television and, as its name implies, it is a system that allows you to watch television by using the Internet connection and the TCP / IP protocol.

This use of content has enormous potential even if, recently, it has been sidelined in favor of technology. October (Excessive), which is based on that of IPTV, but also guarantees the ability to view content in on-demand mode.

Also, you should know that IPTV technology is often used improperly to watch pay TV channels for free; This type of use is absolutely not recommended, as it is illegal and very severe penalties are also imposed on those who use it.

Now that you understand how IPTV works, you can move on to the practical part of this tutorial. In the following paragraphs, I will explain in detail how to connect Smart TV to the Internet and I will tell you some useful applications to watch IPTV on Smart TV, also indicating the procedure to configure a recommended application, SS IPTV.

Connect the Smart TV to the Internet

If your intention is to watch IPTV channels on your Smart TV, you can resort to specific applications, downloadable for free from the TV store. To download applications, it is clearly necessary to connect the Smart TV to the Internet, through a procedure that I will show you in the following lines.

Just a little clarification before we start: all the procedures that you will read will refer to LG Smart TV are in their possession, therefore the menu items and the steps that I will show you may vary slightly on the TV model in your possession. . Everything clear? Well, let's move on.

To connect your Smart TV to the Internet, turn it on and press the Home button on the remote control (it has a small house symbol) Once the main menu is displayed, use the remote control pointer to press the gear symbol icon located in the upper right corner and, in the drop-down menu displayed on the screen, press the symbol (…), called All Settings.

At this point, locate through the Settings menu, the Network wording, press and choose whether you want to access the Internet through Wi-Fi connection or Cable connection, that is, through the Ethernet cable. In the first case, press the Wi-Fi connection item that you see on the screen, locate the entry related to your home network and press to connect, typing the access password that you find on the modem or the one that you have configured personally.

However, if you intend to take advantage of a wired connection, you must have an Ethernet Cable, to connect the Ethernet port of the modem / router to the one on the back of the Smart TV. What you can see below is an example of an Ethernet cable, which can be purchased on, which may be suitable for you.

Download applications for IPTV

Once the Smart TV is connected to the Internet, open the Smart TV store to download and install an application for IPTV. In my case, on an LG Smart TV, the virtual store is called LG Content Store and it is located on the home screen of the TV, accessible by pressing the symbol of a cabin on the remote control

Once done, after hitting the store icon, hit the one with the magnifying glass symbol (found in the top menu). Then type in the text field that you see the term on the iPTV screen, to see the corresponding search results.

Among the IPTV applications that you can find in the store, there are some that allow you to access preconfigured IPTV channels, such as UN IPTV, which offers the viewing of Vietnamese TV channels, or ILIRIA IPTV with Albanian TV channels. Other applications, however, such as SS IPTV, also allow you to make a custom configuration, inserting IPTV lists, such as those in m3u, xspf, asx format please.

While the first type of application does not require any configuration, the second requires a manual procedure to add TV channels to watch. In this sense, in the next paragraph I will tell you precisely how to configure the free SS IPTV application.

Configure an IPTV application

As anticipated, among the IPTV applications that I recommend that you download for free on your Smart TV there is SS IPTV, a multimedia player that, thanks to its user interface in Italian, offers an easy configuration procedure for the insertion of lists dedicated to watch IPTV channels.

With that said, once you get to your TV store (LG Content Store in the case of LG TVs) and searched for IPTV apps, locate the SS IPTV app, download it, and install it by hitting the Install button. Now, wait for this automatic procedure to finish, then press Start, to start the application and configure it, following the instructions that I am going to provide you.

With the application launched, press the I accept button to accept the terms and conditions of use present on the User License Agreement screen. In the initial section of the application, then press the button with the gear symbol in the upper right, to access the settings menu.

Now, touch the Content item located in the menu on the left side and, on the next screen, press the (+) Add button to display the text field in which to insert the IPTV list, which must be in one of the formats compatible, such as m3u.

Finally press the Save button located at the top to save the imported list and return to the home screen (Main Screen), pressing the button on the back of the remote control. Now you just have to press the icon of the multimedia playlist you just created, to start playing the TV channels in the list inserted in the application.

However, if you do not want to enter a list of IPTV channels, you can see the ones that are already present and preconfigured within the application, by pressing the Open TV item in the Main screen section. Everything is very simple, right?

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