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THC vs. CBD: Understanding the Differences in Marijuana Ingredients

Posted by Harry on April 17, 2024 at 5:38am 0 Comments

Marijuana, also called weed or marijuana, has been a subject of substantial question and conversation for decades. With changing attitudes and developing regulations encompassing its use, it is vital to know the many areas of that controversial herb. This information aims to provide a thorough overview of marijuana, including their history, effects, medical purposes, legalization, and possible risks.

A Brief Record of Marijuana

Marijuana features a extended history of… Continue

Micro-biology is the study of all living microscopic organisms, or microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Micro-biologists research and study the physiological, ecological and clinical aspects of these microbes. Poddar International College, one of the best College in Jaipur provides best UG/PG in Biology along with other courses. Micro-biology is a vast field that offers various diverse career opportunities. In this article, we will discuss various careers after a Micro-biology course.
A Micro-biologist mainly peruses upon microscopic forms, micro-organisms, and their life processes. As one of the sought-after career paths in Microbiology, this career path is a high-paying research job in which one will be working on the Biology of micro-organisms that exist at both the molecular and cellular levels. One will be required in fields like Agriculture, Bio-technology, the environment, education, pharmaceuticals and hospitals.
An Immunologist specializes in curing allergies and other immune system disorders. So, basically, an Immunologist deals with the treatment of all those diseases which impact your immunity system. They study how the immune system works and try to find out ways to protect your immune system against harmful bacteria. For this purpose, they study the impact that various micro substances have on the human body and try to find a cure for it.

Isn’t teaching the most obvious career option? Simply because it’s your professors who taught you all that you know about Microbiology today. As you already know their role involves teaching students various subjects relating to Micro-biology depending on their specializations. If you were impressed by the way your teachers taught you and wanted to do something similar or even if you wished to change the way they taught. This might be the right career option for you.
Many academic and extra-curricular events are organized at Poddar International College where students contribute as volunteers which develops their professional skills.

Clinical Research Scientist
The work of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is to operate clinical trials to examine the nature, pros, and cons of drugs. A CRA ensures that whether certain drugs are allowed to exist in the market or not. A contract research organization or pharmaceutical company can hire you to test popular and pre-existing drugs. One will be involved in all levels of the ongoing tests. One has to monitor the impacts and precautions of drugs by checking them on a healthy person, a patient or even on an animal.
Food Technologist/Scientist
As the name suggests, Food Technologists ensure that whether products produced in the market are up to the quality expectations or not. You will need to take a look into the manufacturing processes, so that one can check what is wrong with the recipes. Of course, one can provide your own discovered ingredients to add some more nutritional value to the food. Hence, you will have the power to play with the nutritional values of a particular food. Many extra-curricular activities are held at Poddar In

A Pharmacologist understands how medicines and other types of drugs affect human beings and animals. They conduct researches to aid the development and discovery of new helpful drugs. Just like a Clinical Research Associate, they also have a right to do research based on animal tissues. They test on animals first, so that humans would not get hurt in the trial process.
Poddar International College is running courses in Pharmacy and there is also a Pathology lab for clinical purposes.

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