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One of the most important decisions a dentist makes when designing their practice is which patient chair they’ll use. Each operatory is centered around the chair, making it a critical element of both the design and functionality of the office. With a wide variety of looks, features, and options, and many manufacturers to choose from, selecting a chair can seem overwhelming!Get more news about Dental Chair,you can vist our website!

We’re here to help, with the insight gleaned from listening to thousands of dentists and practitioners over decades.

Note: for the purposes of this article, we’re focused on chairs intended for general practice dentistry. Specialty chairs, such as orthodontic or surgical chairs, will have additional unique features that need to also be considered.
What do you really need to understand before making a purchasing decision? When choosing the best dental chair for your practice, there are several audiences to think about. The first that likely comes to mind is which chair works best for the way you practice dentistry, such as whether you prefer to sit or stand, or both. Another audience is your staff, and which features will help facilitate both efficiency and ergonomics for them. Arguably the most important audience is your patients, and whether the chair keeps them comfortable and properly positioned throughout treatment.

Not unlike other large investments - like buying a new car - you’ll want to experience the chair first-hand; sit in it, “kick the tires”, test drive it. You want to feel how smoothly it operates, the comfort and stability, and how easy it is to access the patient's oral cavity from a number of angles. Given the expense involved in purchasing chairs, you will also want to check on both the warranty and the reputability of the manufacturer.
Since COVID changed how we gather, many of the usual places that traditionally served as spaces to see and touch chairs have temporarily closed or been modified. However, as life resumes a more normal tempo, many options will start to become available again. In the meantime, there are other options to get the job done.

Pre-pandemic, trade shows used to be the gold standard for access to the largest variety of dental chair options. You could walk around and visit the booths of many manufacturers, and they often had their most popular and their newest, most innovative designs on the floor for you to see and test. While large-scale shows are slowly returning, smaller shows or dealer showrooms are a good way to at least see a few different chairs. And if you have a manufacturer you’re particularly interested in, they will often have a showroom set up (similar to a car dealer!) to allow visitors to see several models. If you’re working with a dealer, you can even ask them to put you in contact with other dentists who have been outfitted with specific dental chairs and arrange to visit their offices off-hours and check out their suites.

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